A Border Peace Corps

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Ok here comes another one. A well regulated militia is formed to support the border patrol of us folks. J.P. could go on the O'Riely
factor if he has a tie,"or we could by him one", Highball and I would argue stategy behind the scenes with someone listen for the golden nuggets of wisdom that would trickle out. He who rocks O'Riely reaches
alot of the folks. O'Riely is big on the border issue and the folks doing it[;)]



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    A well regulated militia For protection of our borders??

    What happened to protecting ourselves from a tyrranical
    govt., in order to keep us free.

    May I suggest some good reading

    The Naked communist (eye opener)

    Or the Birchers magazine "The New American"

    Research what they have said in the past Were they right??
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    I agree but public relations does have it's power. It's just an idea thrown out there. I can't defend it, I'm just wondering about it interms of an issue to get non gun people thinking[;)]

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