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Help PRO-GUN Sheriff Candidate defeat Ken Jenne

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By way of introduction my name is JM Evans, I reside in Broward County, Florida. I am running against the current Broward County Democrat Sheriff Ken Jenne.

I am part of the Republican Party and support the 2nd Amendment. My career began in the intelligence community about 30 years ago. After massive changes in world politics and the end of the "Cold War" in the early 1980s, I went into the private sector working in security, protection and investigation. If elected I will do everything in my power to preserve "The right of the people to keep and bear arms."

* I will support the current laws that allow Florida citizens to have concealed carry firearm licenses.
* I will support and ensure that the citizens in Broward County have the right to keep and bear arms.
* I will support and enforce the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.
* I will not support drives that exchange gift certificates for firearms that my opposition supports.
* I will not support a ban on so called "Assault Weapons" that my opposition attempted to pass in Broward County.
* I will not support any legislation that takes away the right of the people to defend themselves in their own homes.
* I will not throw hunting rifles into the ocean to create coral reefs as my opposition has done in the past.

I also believe that Florida citizens who do not possess a criminal history, who are qualified and do not have any restrictions put on them, should have the ability if wanted, to possess Class III weapons. I will not obstruct any Broward County citizen the opportunity to obtain and possess Class III weapons that are regulated under the Federal National Firearms Act.

A change in leadership is required to restore the Broward County Sheriff's Offices ability to fight crime and protect property. It is time to allow the deputies to drive the criminal elements out of the county through dedicated police work.

I am asking for your help and support to become the next Broward County Sheriff.

Please make your check contributions payable to:

Campaign Account of JM Evans, Broward County Sheriff

Forward your contributions to:

Janette Del Angel, Campaign Treasurer
9932 NW 19th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Tel: 954-923-0401

Candidate for Broward County Sheriff


Pd. Pol. Adv. By JM Evans Campaign
Approved by JM Evans


  • Class III OwnerClass III Owner Member Posts: 9 ✭✭
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    I reside in Broward County, FL. JM Evans in running for Broward County Sheriff

    I urge everyone in the Class III community to contribute in some way to help
    Evans beat Ken Jenne, who is planning on running against FL Governor Jeb Bush later in his term.

    If you can make a small contribution GREAT.
    If you link his site to others AWESOME.
    If you spread the word. THANKS.

    That could change other Police Chiefs policies in Broward County if the Sheriff signs the Form 4s. The secret oath not to sign them will be broken once and for all.

    He will not do what Sheriff Ken Jenne has done:

    He won't start coral reefs with hunting rifles in the FL Ocean.
    He won't get anti-gun companies to offer gift certificates for gun trade in(s)
    He won't do an CNN interview and have deputies fire full autos into cinder block


    His website is:
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    Cool! Sounds like you've been reading my posts. Too bad I don't live in Florida... you'd have my full support. Finally someone in political office who supports Class III firearms. Now if only we could get rid of the Anti-Machinegun parts of the NFA, GCA and FOPA.
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