ok heres the info on the ban expiring

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first , apparently imports were banned by the same law:

"Title XI of the Federal Violent Crime Control Act of 1994 banned the manufacture and import of a certain class of guns defined by Congress as "Assault Weapons." These firearms were categorized as such by certain identifying features, namely cosmetic and ergonomic features that present a military-like appearance, but have absolutely no effect on lethality. The act also bans so-called "high capacity" magazines. The provisions of this Act are scheduled to expire automatically on September 13th, 2004."

So when the ban expires, if imports can be lined up we SHOULD (depending on if ATF decides to fllow the law) be alowed to import guns.

SEcond, apparently there is alot of people planning on gearig up :

9/10/04: Gun makers gear up as assault weapons ban is set to expire, from The Sun Herald.

As the clock counts down on the decade-old ban on selling and buying assault weapons, phones have begun ringing off the hook at ArmaLite. Customers want to know when the newly outfitted AR-15 rifle will be ready.

"People are excited. They've been waiting for this for a long time, and we've been preparing," said Jodi DePorter, a spokeswoman for the Geneseo, Ill.-based gun maker.

So we wil need to wait and see. the only sure thing is that the gun fatladys sellng over priced "pre bans" are now screwed
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