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I have recently purchased a rifle. Had it shipped to a dealer near mu home. While doing the paperwork, the dealer called into the NICS. Well, they tell him this is going to be a delayed transaction. Needless to say, I am very upset about this. Not long ago, I had an FFL, but turned it in when things in California got so tough, I could not handle all of the regulations. I would think it obvious I am not a criminal, having undergone a ridgid background check already. So, this ends up being a 7 day waiting period for me, imposed by the FEDS. This will be the last time I buy a firearm that has to go through a dealer!!
Has anyone else gone through this delayed transaction deal? What makes them do it in the first place?


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    Because they have the power.
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    not trying to be a wise a**, but if you had an FFL at one time, then you probably know more about the reasons than most of us here.

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    The delay is 3 Federal Business Days - which can be 7 calendar days. Lot of reasons for the delay and it is not the dealers fault!! Thank your congress persons that voted for this law.[}:)]
    You should know (maybe not) that the NICS program is NOT operated by the government. It has been subcontracted to an outside source, probably, the low bidder company who may or may not be owned by a member of congress.[:(]
    So for some reason, the NICS computer system does not have adequate data to provide a proceed on the transaction. Maybe your name, birthday date, or some other info is identical to some felons in the system - or maybe it's just another gov't screwup.
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    I gave up my FFL before we had to call in to the NICS. I have purchased several firearms in the past few years, but did not have a problem like this. California seemed to be the leader in the assault on our Constitutional Rights. I no longer live in the Republic of California. I remember the Brady Bill, but do not remember it having the provision for the NICS.
    You are right about the 7 day delay. This happened on Friday. But Friday, Saturday, and Sunday don't count. So, starting at 12:01 on Monday, begins the delay countdown. So after 12;00 on Thursday is their 3 days. And to think I went to school, only to find out everything I learned is wrong!! Must be the New Math??
    I realize it is not the dealers fault. They are caught in the middle of this mess. My hat is off to them! They now become the firearm police for the Feds.
    I think I read something about the Feds purging their system of all transactions prior to the middle of 2004. They did not say where or how they were purging them, probably right onto a DVD or something. I guess it used to be, a dealer could just reference another transaction number, and get an immediate green light. Not so anymore.
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    Not trying to be a smart * either, but I think they do it because they can. I too had an FFL and turned it in. OBVIOUSLY a detailed BACKGROUND CHECK has to be done to get an FFL. I did not buy a "papered" gun until just over a year ago. Was refused the first time. Like you, I had already paid for the gun. So I jumped through their hoops and finally ended up with the OK.

    I have talked to quite a few people that have been refused on their FIRST try. I truly believe that they do this to discourage potential first time gun owners. Without exception, everyone that persisted got the OK. But some of them just gave up, which is what I think is the ultimate goal.

    With the people I am talking about, as well as myself, subsequent purchases have gone through on the first try.

    Can't prove any of this, but it sure seems strange, doesn't it?

    P.S. Welcome to the forums. Stick around, who knows you might like it.

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    I'm wondering whether the type of gun makes a difference, like between a semi-auto and a single shot. For example, I ordered a NEF Handi-Rifle in November and it took longer for the dealer to recieve it than I had expected. I live about 25 miles from the dealer. My wife works in that town so I had her buy the piece. She was a first time gun buyer but had no delay at all. I'm thinking that an AR-15 might have created a delay??
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    The type of weapon is not reported when doing a check.
    Just if it is a pistol or rifle.

    Just to add to the above, not ALL first timers that I know get refused.
    Seems to be random.

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    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Well, just a heads up on this deal. The feds delayed my transaction for the full three(actually 7) days. The dealer I went through, called them everyday, but they would not relent. So, I finally got my rifle. While one could say it was worth the wait, I am still pretty upset over the whole mess. My background has been checked upside down, and inside out, but that does not matter. The dealer told me, that of 150 transactions, he only experienced four delays. Mine being one of them. I suppose I will just have to get used to it, or guit buying guns!!! Now if the weather would clear up a little bit, I could go shoot it!!
    Wishing all the best in the coming year!!
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    Buy 'em from car trunks in gun show parking lots![:D][:D]

    Seriously though, it is sad to see you have trouble with the jack-boots. I can think of only one firearm that I purchased since NICS started. There was no delay.

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    I got delayed last month. I had to have background checks for my job so I know there is nothing bad on it. I got the 3 day delay on a Sunday...went home ticked off. The dealer called me that night and said I was approved!!! He was not available to do the transaction until the Tuesday. Now tell me why they had to delay me for 10 hours??? And since they run your SS# there should not be a problem with identity confusion!
    Oh, if anyone has not read it, the book "7 Myths about gun control" is an awesome book...I highly recommend it.

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    I think the "maximum" they can delay is 3 business days... than it's up to the FFL holder to complete the transaction or not.. I've been delayed several times... and several times it goes right thru.. The delay has been an hour.. to overnight.. never longer than one day... I'm told something with my name triggers it... and that you can find out specifically...if you pay.. I think it $50.. You need to go to the ATF site.. link to NICS .. and the process is there.. I can'tbe bothered.. although it is a pain if I'm buying at a shop that's not really "local".... two trips sucks...
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    If I can manage it, I buy my stuff directly from another person, so I can avoid all this ineffective control fooey.

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