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GUN RIGHTS...what for ?

HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
Anybody been following the posts over on general..the ones dealing with the perp down in Tyler,Tx ?

Notice the number of people decrying the CCW's actions...the OOOhhhh so reasonable sounding excuses for NOT getting involved ?

The Founders EXPECTED you to get 'involved'..your duty,wouldn't you think ?

When even gun owners don't know the reason to possess the hell would we expect the anti-owners to have a clue ?

I didn't want to believe it..but Sneider hit the nail on the head,when he wrote.." A Nation of Cowards ".....we truly deserve what we are going to receive from the of these fine days.

God,Guts,& GunsHave we lost all 3 ??


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    pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,844 ✭✭✭✭
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    A "few" years ago I pulled into a 7-11 store parking lot. Saw a car backing out that just didn't look right. There was a little girl in the front passenger seat, then I noticed that there was no driver. Ran over, and jumped in the car. There was another little girl in the back seat. The girl in the front seat had pulled the shift out of park, letting the car roll. I got it stopped with the back wheels on the sidewalk, just as it was headed out into a VERY busy street.

    I could have...been charged for trying to kidnap the kids. (or something just as crazy)
    I could have ...been hurt or run over, if I didn't get INTO the car in time.
    I could have...the list goes on.

    My mind doesn't work that way.
    If you see something that NEEDS to be done, you do it.

    Excuses can be made by anyone.
    Yes, you could be sued.
    You take the chance of being sued everyday.
    People file frivolous law suits all the time, and WIN some of them. [:0]
    Is that really a reason to bury your head in the sand?
    NON action is part of what has gotten us into the pickle we are in today.
    And it's getting worse.......[:(]

    The gene pool needs chlorine.
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    tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    Yes to both above posts.

    Quote "Somehow government decided that the Constitutional Bill of Rights has become the Bill of "Suggested" Rights and are to be rationed to the citizens as the power elite sees fit"
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    longhunterlonghunter Member Posts: 3,242
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    And I 2nd them both
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