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Important Katrina link

flat8flat8 Member Posts: 887 ✭✭✭✭
Everyone should see this. Go to this link -

and click on the link for . . . . .

"Video: Citizens Handcuffed, Forced To Give Up Firearms"

Coming to a city near you. Thanks for the heads up IMAHUSKER.

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  • WoundedWolfWoundedWolf Member Posts: 1,658 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Thanks, flat8.

    I received the GOA alert a couple hours ago too. My hat is off to them for all their efforts. I hope that maybe this will be the spark needed to regain our 2nd Amendment rights, thus saving us the bloodshed and loss of an armed revolution. If that day does come, then I will be ready. But perhaps there is yet some hope for our system.

    Here is the full GOA Alert:

    quote:Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Last week, GOA alerted you to the fact that officials were illegally
    confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans.
    National Guard troops and police were going door-to-door and seizing
    guns from honest residents, without any constitutional or legal power
    to do so.

    Despite a few initial reports in the New York Times, the Associated
    Press and ABC News, there has been nothing said in the mainstream
    news since then.

    Not surprisingly, GOA has found that many offices on Capitol Hill are
    completely unaware that gun confiscations were occurring!To help
    overcome this appalling lack of information, GOA has
    constructed a special section at on
    the GOA website, so that gun owners, media pundits and congressmen
    can see for themselves what has been happening in New Orleans.
    Viewers can read articles and see actual video of the gun
    confiscations and forced evacuations occurring.

    Gun owners are strongly encouraged to visit this web link and to
    encourage other freedom lovers to go there as well.

    GOA has aggressively pursued the media and has been able to place
    opeds in many news outlets. GOA spokesman have also hit the airwaves
    to alert Americans on many, many talk shows across the nation.

    What Else Is GOA Doing?

    In addition to the educational efforts mentioned above, GOA will be
    pursuing any and all legal and judicial avenues that are available.
    GOA does not have standing to sue in the courts. However, we can
    help a member who has had his or her guns illegally confiscated. We
    already know of one person in Louisiana who is planning to bring a
    suit, and we will be prepared to spend money to advance cases like
    this one.

    GOA has also drafted model legislation to hold these sleazy public
    officials accountable. GOA extends kudos to gun author Alan Korwin
    who has correctly noted that federal law already provides sanctions
    for "conspiracy against rights" in 18 USC ? 241. This is
    one avenue
    that needs to be pursued. And the President should be asking
    Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to bring charges against New
    Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and the Police Commissioner Edwin Compass
    III. (But don't hold your breath. After all, The Washington Post
    reported on September 9 that U.S. Marshals, who work for Gonzalez,
    were also participating in the confiscation of firearms.)

    GOA's model legislation would hit gun grabbing politicians from
    another angle, in that the bill will provide sanctions if those
    officials -- either now or in the future -- try to use "martial
    or "emergency powers" to confiscate firearms. Namely, the
    legislation will force them to lose every dollar of the precious
    relief funds that they so greatly covet.

    The legislation states in part that "no funds appropriated pursuant
    to any provision of law may be used (1) to involuntarily force any
    person out of that person's home if the person is not in imminent
    danger, or (2) to disarm law-abiding citizens exercising their Second
    Amendment rights."

    Why New Legislation?

    Some have asked, "Why is new legislation needed? Don't we have a
    constitutional amendment that already protects the right to keep and
    bear arms?"

    Yes, we do. And hence, the same question could be asked about
    concealed carry laws. Why enact CCW laws when the Second Amendment
    already protects the rights of citizens to "bear" arms?

    The reason is quite simple: Because of concealed carry laws around
    the country, there are now hundreds of thousands of Americans who can
    carry firearms legally WITHOUT being thrown into jail. Concealed
    carry laws represent a first step toward true freedom to carry
    without permits and have helped to protect and guarantee the rights
    of American citizens.

    Likewise, this model legislation will provide a practical means for
    punishing officials who would violate the rights of law-abiding
    American citizens.

    If there is one down-side, the model draft is almost too good. GOA
    has found congressmen that may be willing to introduce this
    legislation, but generally speaking, they are scared to introduce
    anything that might jeopardize the billions of dollars of financial
    aid that will be going to New Orleans.

    That's where you guys come in.

    ACTION: Please use the pre-written letter below to help direct your
    thoughts to your congressman. Urge him or her to introduce
    legislation that will deny funds to ANY group of officials that would
    violate the Second Amendment.

    Look, it's your money that is being sent to New Orleans. You should
    have a right to require that those politicians receiving your money
    will not use it to disarm fellow American citizens. So again:

    1. Please write your congressman today. You can visit the Gun Owners
    Legislative Action Center at to
    send your Representative a pre-written e-mail message such as the one

    2. Urge other lovers of freedom to visit on the GOA website. We need to
    sound the alarm and let as many people as possible know what has
    happened to our fellow Americans!

    --- Pre-written letter ---

    Dear Representative:

    Did you know that officials have been confiscating the firearms of
    law-abiding citizens in New Orleans? Did you know this has even
    occurred in the dry sections of New Orleans where, arguably, there is
    no need for forced evacuations?

    This is an outrage! You can see all this for yourself at on the website of Gun Owners of

    I would encourage you to introduce legislation that will put a stop
    to this. There should be sanctions against any official -- either
    now or in the future -- who tries to use "martial law" or
    powers" to confiscate firearms. If corrupt politicians are going to
    suspend the rights of decent Americans, then those officials should
    lose every dollar of the precious relief funds that they so greatly

    GOA has drafted model legislation which states, in part, that "no
    funds appropriated pursuant to any provision of law may be used (1)
    to involuntarily force any person out of that person's home if the
    person is not in imminent danger, or (2) to disarm law-abiding
    citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights."

    Will you introduce this legislation as an amendment to the next
    supplemental appropriations bill? This is incredibly important to me
    and millions of other law-abiding Americans. Please let me know what
    you intend to do.



    GOA will also be looking to "beef up" the emergency procedures
    statutes of the several states. Many such laws grant extraordinary
    powers to bureaucrats during an emergency. We are looking to
    SPECIFICALLY deny the power to confiscate guns when such procedures
    are implemented.

    These actions, as well as the ones at the federal and judicial levels
    mentioned above, are going to be costly. Please, if you have not
    already done so, stop by and
    become a member of GOA. Your membership dues are our war chest in
    this and other endeavors.


    samsm.gif"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its ruin."
    -Samuel Adams, Patriot/Brewer
  • ComengetitComengetit Member Posts: 1,170 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Maybe someone out there is listening, it's about time. Now where in the hell is our advertising campaign media blitz. Come on guys get with it, we shouldn't have to tell you how to do your jobs. Let's go NRA & GOA make something happen or get the hell out of the way!

    "The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down to begin with."

    "If I find you here Tonight..... THEY will find you here in the Morning"
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