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Brady Kampaign bashing of Bush during elections.

gunphreakgunphreak Member Posts: 1,791 ✭✭✭✭✭
....And my dissection of it.

Note: This is not news, as it was published last October, just me being me, here.

quote:Washington, D.C. - The following is a statement from Michael Barnes, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence united with the Million Mom March:

Who? Oh, by the way, that's 'Brady Kampaign to Ensure Kriminal Predation', and the 'Thousand Dissilusioned B**ch March'.

quote:"During the 2000 presidential campaign, the National Rifle Association's Kayne Robinson said that if George W. Bush was elected President, the NRA would be working out of the White House.

I don't recall this statement ever being made, but if the NRA was working out of the White House through President Bush, why have we not seen a drastic turn-around in gun laws? I don't recall Bush reversing the course of and gun kontrol (the AWB doesn't count, because he didn't do a thing to it).

quote:"In test after test, Robinson's prediction has turned out to be true. The NRA has gotten everything it asked for from President Bush. Every time he's had a choice, he has sided with the gun lobby and against law enforcement and the victims of gun violence.

No it hasn't, and for everything it has gotten, it had to fight for. Bush hasn't been given much choices in the battle for freedom, as he has neither made a big push for or stood firmly against either side. That being said, he has not stood in anyones way of anything, and that accusation about standing against LE and victims is plain BS. If anything, those who push to disarm the populace have more blood on their hands for taking the tools of defense from those who needed them than even the criminal, simply for making them attractive targets.

quote:"The Bush Justice Department under Attorney General John Ashcroft secured legislation allowing it to destroy Brady background check records a day after the check is completed, against the advice of law enforcement leaders. President Bush signed that bill.

Although Ashcroft had downfalls, apparently, he read the 4th and 5th Amendment enough to know that gun owners aren't the problem, and to quit trying to infringe on them with bad policies. He figured out those who own guns usually have a good idea of rights and responsibilities, unlike those who don't think others can be trusted. And so, a couple of Police State Advocate LE's decide it is bad, and therefore it is? That is so stupid, I don't even know if it deserves a response.

quote:"The Bush Justice Department has made it easier for criminal defendants to challenge gun laws as unconstitutional by insisting that federal prosecutors adopt a view of the Second Amendment that is contradicted by virtually every federal appeals court.

They must mean the Emerson decision, or Ashcroft's letter concerning the 2nd Amendment as an individual right. Meanwhile, penalties were made more harsh for true offenders of laws, not just those imaginary ones because someone dared possess a gun.

quote:"The Bush Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives secured a law to prohibit disclosure of crime gun records that would reveal the gun dealers supplying most of the guns used in crime. President Bush signed that bill.

Probably due to its pointlessness. It is a waste of resources, plain and simple. They were more interested in nailing the true bad guys to the wall.

quote:"President Bush strongly supported an effort to give gun sellers unprecedented immunity from legal accountability to the victims of gun violence. The bill failed in the Senate - but President Bush supported it. And he signed similar legislation when he was the Governor of Texas

Unprecedented, only because no one is rallying against the manufacturers of, say, cars, or alcohol, or lighters, for crimes committed by others. The bill failed in the Senate, because it was specifically meant to fail. It was a despicable ploy made against the populace by immoral and unprincipled kommie senators (traitors, in my judgment) against the populace, with an equally monstrous agenda meant to target innocents for the acts of others. I'd say this legislature is well overdue, myself.

quote:"And in his most devastating blow to public safety, President Bush broke his promise to renew the Assault Weapons Ban. Instead of renewing the law, he turned his back on the law enforcement leaders and officers who had urged him to save that lifesaving statute, a law that had limited the firepower of criminals. He refused to even meet with police leaders to discuss it. He also turned his back on gun violence victims whose lives have been shattered by these weapons.

Ok, let's get a few facts straight. 1. AWB had nothing to do with public safety, and was actually counterproductive to that purpose. 2. He turned his back on that law once he knew his voters would turn their back on him if he renewed it. Good move! 3. I would have refused to meet with police leaders to discuss this issue, too, seeing as how police officials do not reelect presidents to office. 4. Unless these weapons aimed themselves and pulled their own trigger, these weapons are not to blame.

quote:"This week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal local gun laws in the Nation's Capital. The White House has said President Bush will sign the bill into law if the Senate takes action.

Good thing, too. They deserve the same rights as everyone else. One would thing it wouldn't be hard to figure out why DC is the murder capital of our country, despite the most draconian gun laws in the country. Coincidence? Hint: Criminals don't obey the law.

quote:"Time and time again, President George W. Bush has caved in to the gun lobby and failed in his responsibility to keep Americans safe. He has chosen the extreme ideological policies of the National Rifle Association over the need to protect American citizens from gun violence every single time. Not once has the President opposed anything on the NRA's legislative agenda. This is truly tragic, and it will lead to Americans, including police officers, losing their lives.

It isn't the gun lobby he is caving to. It the people he's caving in to. The very people he represents are who is pulling his strings. Even so, he has still angered many of us for his lack of action for us. Apparently, things have been going better for us, despite what they call 'inept leadership' because murder rates are down. This has been achieved by the adoption of RTC laws, and things on the state level, more significantly than what Bush has done. Time to get your facts straight, kommie liars.

quote:"On the other hand, Senator John Kerry has consistently supported sensible gun laws throughout his career in public service. As a prosecutor and as a legislator he has been a leader, working with law enforcement officials on efforts to reduce gun violence. As a hunter and a war hero, Senator Kerry knows that sportsmen do not need military-style assault weapons, and that measures to keep guns away from criminals, terrorists and children are just common sense.

OK, by line, here:

quote:On the other hand, Senator John Kerry has consistently supported sensible gun laws throughout his career in public service.

It is not sensible to punish people for the acts of others. Depriving law-abiders of the arms they need to defend against predatory inhumans is monstrous and diabolical. What he is doing is less public service, and more self-service.

quote:As a prosecutor and as a legislator he has been a leader, working with law enforcement officials on efforts to reduce gun violence.

Failed efforts, I might add. There is nothing noble about victimizing the innocent, and depriving them of the ability to defend life.

quote:As a hunter and a war hero, Senator Kerry knows that sportsmen do not need military-style assault weapons, and that measures to keep guns away from criminals, terrorists and children are just common sense.

War hero? Hardly. That would put him in the position of being, say, Joe Foss, and that would be a travesty. More like traitor. That's worse than a draft dodger to me. Perhaps Kerry could point me to the right to hunt in the Bill of Rights. It is not spelled out, but the right right of the people to keep and bear arms is spelled out, and its reason is for security and defense. As far as "need" is concerned, anything we own that is a luxury is not a need, but we still have a right to own it. His opinion not withstanding, Today's "conventional wisdom" is yesterday's "common sense", and the reason is that it is no longer common.

quote:"We urge Americans who care deeply about reducing gun violence in our nation to vote for Senator John Kerry.

"Mr. Bush should seek to be the President of the National Rifle Association. He has earned that job."

LMAO. Comedy at its worst. Nothing in this statement holds a shred of truth.

Death to Tyrants!!!
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Those who would offer any interpretation that would relegate Amendment II to "relic" status of a bygone era are blatantly stating that the remainder of the Bill of Rights isn't worth a damn, either.

Luke 22:36.
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