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Neat thing do happen

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    She mentions a list of "foiled" school shooting attempts as a reason for more gun control. THEY WERE FOILED! These kids were planning on shooting up their schools, they got busted before they could do so, end of story. What is the problem here? The system worked in those cases, it had nothing to do with gun laws.

    And she also mentions how when she was a kid, she "didn't have to go through metal detectors" to go to school. Well, weren't the gun laws more lax 20-30 years ago when she was in school? Doesn't that prove that gun restrictions and school violence are in no way correlated? She is making the argument that schools were safer in her day, but neglects to mention that gun laws were also far fewer and less restrictive.
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    Maybe we could learn something from Israel on this topic. Palestinian targets were most favorably children, once. When they went to school, the policy was that no teacher or adult were to have any firearms.

    This ended after a few school shootings pulled off by Palestinian terrorists, and the teachers and parent escorts were armed to the teeth. The number of school shootings them became zero. Not fell by x%, or cut in half, but was TOTALLY ERADICATED!!!

    They learned the lesson we here in America apparently are too stupid to realize, here.
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