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Liberal Popped on here by accident



  • WoundedWolfWoundedWolf Member Posts: 1,658 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    quote:even if you want to wield a gun or not we will be the last defenders of the country, NOT THE MILITARY

  • tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
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    quote:Originally posted by joker5656
    Well let me first state i agree with the other people on here with the way you ASKED, not DEMANDED why we do this and want that. very professional.

    OK I'm 23 been around guns ALL my life (dad served in the marines 20yrs) so yes i have been shooting since i can remember. The reason why i like to have guns is (2) i like guns (3) I like to hunt (4) like to plink, to home those skills (can't rely on that processed poison forever) (5) its FUN especially w/ friends and a good way to meet ladies i might add

    And the Number 1 REASON, PROTECTION Well lets get a scenario going here first to let you in on why a lot of us do and think why we need them. What would happen if the gov did take them. Maybe the gov. wants to do something that the majority of the people don't want ( the free republic). there's an uprising against the gov (whats voting and boycotting going to do in this situation, there already voted in, boycotting sends a message but does nothing), so whats next, an armed uprising, well sort of, were going to be like British and use rocks while the gov. supporters (military) has guns.

    Another question you asked why we need automatics, well it goes with the above, if you know tactics you know why, and since you probably don't I'll tell you. Alot of ammo concentrated on a spot makes your opponent take cover while you can adjust to a better positions or better yet, get out of there. Semis are good for taking something out with precision cause your not fighting recoil of the gun as much.

    Remember there are many scenarios, not just are gov.. Another good reason is in LA when the hurricane hit, look what happened, looting , robbery, who's going to protect these people, the police (they had no police force, a lot of them left), there's many many more but these are just an example.

    Forgot to add while we will have are guns in the face of tyranny, you will have that assurance of hope, cause we won't be fighting for are rights but for yours when the time comes, even if you want to wield a gun or not we will be the last defenders of the country, NOT THE MILITARY

    The anti-gun crowd has already cleverly got us gun people in a bind by their slick trick of getting the media and American people to accept the misleading term of "assault weapon", even though I have never met any common citizen who was allowed to purchase, own or shoot a true "assault weapon". Let's not let anyone now stigmatize the term "semiautomatic". A revolver will do basically the same thing as a semiautomatic. I.E. it will fire the round related to the trigger pull and "automatically" ready the next round to be fired. And the revolver will continue to function like this until it, as with a semiautomatic, is empty. Actually, as far as which gun can be more "dangerous", the revolver does not depend on a large supply of loaded magazines in order to provide continuing firepower. You merely dump the spent rounds and reload. You can do this 24/7 if you have enough ammo on hand. In constrast, when the magazines for the semi-auto are empty, you have to stop firing until you have the time and ammo to reload.

    Heck, in some ways even a single shot rifle can provide better continus firepower than either a revolver or a semiautomatic.
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