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FFL Letter Of Authorization

The SpecialistThe Specialist Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
FFL Letter of Authorization?

I am just wondering if there are any forum members who are also FFL holders whom may have received this six month to operate letter in lieu of their new FFL.
I submitted my FFL renewal application with the appropriate fee better then ninety days ago.
This seem like more then enough time.
From what I have heard, it is hard for ATF to pull a license once you have it.
(Unless of course you are doing something unlawful etc)
Though, it is very easy for them not to issue a first license as well as not renew a previous license.
Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Red223Red223 Member Posts: 7,946
    edited November -1
    There was a fellow forum member from Kentucky that had a FFL here and posted not too long ago. He sent off his renewal and payment and didn't receive it back in time. ATF told him over the phone he is A-ok and shouldn't have to worry about anything, it will be in the mail.

    He was arrested by ATF and convicted of selling firearms without a valid firearms license, receiving firearms without a valid firearms license and was sent to Federal Prison.

    He died in prison shortly after.

    Don't accept any orders, place any orders, sell, buy, or trade any firearms until your new license arrives.

    If your license expired yesterday and a firearm just came in you ordered 3 weeks ago...DO NOT SIGN FOR IT, ALLOW IT IN YOUR POSSESSION.

    ATF may be holding back FFL's from their intended recipients just to set you up for a bust. They need to meet their quota for this year.
  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
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    Damn good point;
    I am ashamed of myself for not remembering this...
  • The SpecialistThe Specialist Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Thanks for the advice.
    Recently I spoke with a friend about this who is also a FFL>
    His license was do to expire the same month as mine.
    He sent out his renewal at approx the same time that I had mailed mine.
    His new three year FFL was in his hands in " Seven Days " from the day he had mailed off his renewal.....
    I phoned ATF last week and they said mine was still being processed?
    (3-plus months later)
    When I get this letter, I will try and cut and paste it here.
    Thanks again for the input.
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