USA Weekend Founding Fathers Descendants

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This Sunday's USA Weekend insert features an article in which historian David McCullogh, author of "1776", talks with direct descendants of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Patrick Henry.


Anybody get to read it? Any thoughts about it?


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    quote:ask the nation's greatest historian, David McCullough, about the state of American ideals.
    I think this guy is an idiot. He embraces Democracy..and finds little wrong with present state of affairs.
    He cleverly tap-dances around the question about sending soldiers overseas....all he wants to talk about is how we "have perfected the Constitution and Bill of Rights" [V][xx(]

    Thanks for the link...but this guy is a snake-oil salesman.

    You wanted opinions...and the above is mine.
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    IMO, it did seem to be weak in substance - kind of like "fluff" or gladhanding - but I wonder what each descendant, especially T.J.'s, really said in the course of the interviews that he wouldn't or couldn't print. Hmmm......

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    The fact that "America's Greatest Historian" was unable to dig out the information that America is (was) a Republic indicates that historians, like poop, emerges from a varity of sphincters.

    This is the infantile mewlings that pass as contemporary wisdom today..lauded and praised from coast to weak, effeminate, coast.

    Those men of old would spit upon us today...we have become what they fought.
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    Agreed. This guy said nothing of substance. Gave a weak kneed opinion of what he though. The truth of the matter is (I hope) that our founders would vomit at the state of affairs we currently live in and would be sick over what we allow to happen to us on a day to day basis.

    I think they would lead yet another revolution and would greatly improve upon the greatest document penned by man.
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    What would Jesus do?
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