Obtaining confiscated weapons

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This is a long story, but I'll try to shorten it:
One of my friends had a bunch of guns (both long guns and handguns). Some belonged to his father (who is dead), and some he bought. In May of '05, he was convicted in Federal Court in St. Louis, MO of felony drug charges and is currently serving his sentence. When the police raided his house to arrest him, they confiscated all of his guns (rightfully so), and they are now in the possession of the police - in evidence lockers I assume. I guess I have a few questions regarding what happens to the guns now:
1) I know that he cannot own or possess these guns now, but is there any way for his mother to obtain the guns - most importantly the ones that were his father's so that she can keep them for her other sons that are not felons?
2) He bought (legitimately) at least one of the handguns from his girlfriend's father. Someone in the girlfriend's family has an FFL and is an authorized dealer. Her dad would like to get back the handgun that he sold my friend. Is there any way that he can do that?
I would never do anything illegal as far as guns are concerned, and I would like to ask the county police here, but I am just afraid that for some reason I may raise red flags simply with an inquiry. I know that this is a complicated story, but it is as simple as I can think to make it. I have done some legal research, but I haven't been able to find any answers to any situations similar to this. My initial thought is that his family will not be able to recover these guns. Thank you in advance for all of your help.


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    Get your friend to sign a statement that some of the guns weren't his.

    Hire a lawyer to go after the guns that are in police custody.

    Bet they are gone tho.
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