Indiana Lifetime gun permits - popular

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The new state law that allows handgun owners to obtain lifetime gun permits instead of having to renew every four years is proving popular.

The law, which went into effect July 1, gives people the option of purchasing a four-year permit for $40 or a lifetime permit for $100 ($125 if they're not a current holder of a gun permit). Those numbers include the local and state fees.

The Porter County Sheriff's Department sold four lifetime permits in the first two days, including one to a 60-year-old man who thought he was still young enough to make the investment pay off. But staff said some are opting for four-year permits because they feel they are too old or don't have the extra money for a lifetime permit.

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    I only wish they had that here in Nevada. I just spent $150 for the class and qualification plus another $105 for the CCW fees. I have to renew in 5 years. At 30 years old, I could save a load of money with a lifetime CCW.

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    Lifetime CCW can be a ruse. They make it lifetime only to change it later, making your CCW invalid. This makes for instantaneous felon. Happened in MA back in 98 as I understand.
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    Paul, doesn't surprise me a bit.
    Got a link to that story,
    I'd like to add it to my files. [;)]
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    wish that would come to SC, i paid 135 for mine. man just think i could be a lifetime holder rather than a 4yr holder. renew them for 15 i think
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    Wow, once again I am shown why I love living in Alabama so much. CCW's aren't available except for one year at a time, but it's only $15 bucks a year with no restrictions beyond you have to be 21 with no criminal record or record of mental illness. Other than that, our constitution mandates that county sheriffs must have good cause to refuse issuing a permit, and I've never seen that happen yet in the 3 counties we've lived in over the 16 years we've been here. We came here from The People's Republic of California where I grew up, so you can just imagine how liberated I feel! 'Course, it would be better (and more constitutional in my view) if there were no permit requirements at all. Who do politicians think they are putting restrictions on God-given rights? But anyway, here is better'n there, so I'll take what I can get.

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    Here in KY no permit is needed to open carry. KC3 is trying to get A bill passed requiring no permit to CCW in state. Hope it goes through. I will not pay A goverment agency for the rights granted me by both the US Constituion, and my state Constituion.
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    I forget, does Michigan have reciprocity with Indy or Ky? Too bad I can't just drive the 2hrs down there and get one for life while still living in MI. That reminds me of a question for my fellow Michiganders though: How's our state const. worded? Are we really legally required to get a CCW? BTW, sorry if I stole the thunder with my sidebar[}:)]
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    This is still a backdoor to a gun registry and a tax on your second amendment rights.

    A well armed society is the best form of homeland security.

    Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.
    Make yourselves sheep, and the wolves will eat you.

    NRA write your Rep. will save a stamp
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    Hello MRBEAN,
    As a fellow Michigander I understand our state law in this manner.
    Michigan citizens can OPENLY CARRY a handgun in the state. It has to be in a holster or otherwise "secured" . This includes walking down the sidewalks, roads anywhere in the state(including say Grand Rapids, Detroit, etc.).
    But the "catch" is once a person so carrying steps into a store, restaurant, etc. then it may be illegal to carry OPENLY. Also in Michigan without a CCW one CANNOT carry in a motor vehicle. Thus one would have to unload, secure handgun in locked container separate from ammunition, lock in trunk, and so forth everytime they enter their motor vehicle. Read pain in the @$# !
    I have had a CCW in Michigan for about five years now. The initial cost is somewhat pricy, between $300-$350 for training, certification and lasts now for five years. The recertification is only $35 and is good for five years also. I don't like paying for a Constitutional Right either but this is a decent deal I feel if one has to.
    As you probably already know Michigan law requires every handgun purchased to be "inspected" (read ,really a registration) so getting a CCW in Michigan does not further give Michigan government any more knowledge of the handguns one owns.
    If you do not have a CCW now , I would say get one. A CCW holder can carry most places legally. Some exceptions are daycare centers, places of worship, hospitals, sports arena's that can seat more than 2,500 people, and some others.
    For me it is a nice feeling to know you have the means to defend your family, yourself , and others if the need ever arises. This is especially true when visiting or driving thru the large cities(Detroit, Flint , Saginaw and so forth)
    Hope this was a help to you MRBEAN.
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    Just to clarify my other post. A Michigan citizen can OPENLY CARRY A HANDGUN without a permit in the state of Michigan. I did not mention the "without a permit" part in my other post, sorry.
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    Also MRBEAN Michigan and Kentucky do have reciprocity but I am not sure about Indiana??
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    quote:This is still a backdoor to a gun registry and a tax on your second amendment rights.

    A gun in the hand is better than the 10 that I am constitutionally entitled to, yet prohibited from carrying due to state law.
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