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Time Sensitive Infromation

Wagon WheelWagon Wheel Member Posts: 633 ✭✭✭✭
I posted this on the "Sticky" but, it has not gotten a lot of hits. These links are for public meetings, concerning the NAFTA Hwy, within days in Indiana, and weeks in Texas. For more information and background, check my post on the "Sticky". This is NOT good policy if we are to remain a free and Sovereign nation

Pieces of the NAFTA Superhighway are falling into place, behind the scenes.

Indiana Public Meeting 2/15/07
I-69 the truth be tolled
Contact Thomas & Sandra Tokarski
812-825-9555, 800-515-6936

Texas Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee
Thursday March 1, 2007

"Highway tolls are yet another form of regressive taxation, designed to push the burden of public costs downward onto the average taxpayer/driver, while the lion's share of the benefits go to the industries demanding state-subsidized mobility and infrastructure."
Scroll Down To: House Bill 3588;
Want to know more? There are excerpts from House Bill 3588.

Kansas City SmartPort Uncovered!
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