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sig232sig232 Member Posts: 8,018
I think that if either one of these organizations were to double their membership in the next two years that Congress would be informed and take notice.

A massive shift of support, even at the state level for a state gun group would get the attention of a state legislature. Think about that, maybe all the gun owners in the city of Chicago or New York could worry local politicians. We are very unorganized and a splintered bunch, but remain very outspoken about our gun rights.

The anti-gun groups are smelling blood on the floor now! They are now attacking in advance of achieving the White House in 08. Look at the level of bills coming before about half of the state legislatures! Its an organized effort, in my opinion, championed by big city Mayors and many anti-gun members in the US Congress.

If they are able to control the Congress and the White House for the next eight years they will add liberal federal judges all over the country and the second amendment will go down in flames.[:(]

Take action now folks or get ready to face some very serious changes.[:0][:0]


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