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NSSF Legislative News

tallcharlietallcharlie Member Posts: 673 ✭✭✭✭
Federal Action Alerts
HR 5092 represents a major advance in protecting the rights of FFLs and will bring consistency to ATF enforcement actions.

HR 5005 combines seven pro-gun initiatives into a single bill.

H.R. 1384 would remove a number of outdated restrictions pertaining to interstate firearms sales.

H.R. 1415 will update and improve NICS, helping to ensure safe and expeditious transfers of firearms.


  • dsmithdsmith Member Posts: 902 ✭✭✭✭
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    I oppose H.R. 1415. NICS doesn't need to be improved. It needs to be repealed.
  • tallcharlietallcharlie Member Posts: 673 ✭✭✭✭
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    Universal possession and carry of firearms is a solution that heals all problems. The criminals and lunatics that get their hands on guns are soon eliminated from the population by the majority of law-abiding, brook-no-nonsense citizens.

    However, such a practice would never be accepted politically. Therefore, we should work up front to prevent firearms from falling into the worng hands, and then shoot the failures later.
  • dsmithdsmith Member Posts: 902 ✭✭✭✭
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    I suppose you may be right on that count. But we need to get more gun owners in this country that are actually PRO-GUN.
  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
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    quote:But we need to get more gun owners in this country that are actually PRO-GUN.

    OH, FIRST...we need the courage to CALL TO ACCOUNT those supporting gun laws.

    Either rift them from our ranks...AKA Zumboed...or converted to Second Amendment supporters.

    We MUST stop allowing anti-gun gun owners to set the agenda...if there is to be the slightest chance to salvage out Rights.
  • tallcharlietallcharlie Member Posts: 673 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    The problem is that many, if not most, liberals react to gun control issues with a knee-jerk.

    Liberal politicians vote anti-gun, pro-control whether or not the legislation will do anything positive. When shown hard data contradicting their stances, they resort to emotional arguments (e.g., "If it will save just one life...") or attack the information and its source ("Heston is a senile, old man.").

    How many times have we heard anti-gun nuts say, "Common sense will tell you that if there are fewer guns, there will be less gun crime"? They repeat this mantra despite overwhelming evidence that gun restrictions increase gun violence.

    They mistake faulty logic for common sense, and go from there without ever looking back. Unfortunately, the media and the general public go along with this misinformation simply because they know no better.

    I have a friend in Chattanooga, David B., a millionaire insurance/investment executive who has owned guns and enjoyed shooting since he was a child in Manchester, TN. He is strongly anti-gun and pro-gun-control. His reasoning is something like, "There's too much crime. We have to do someting about it."

    The man is a genius at making money, an idiot at reducing crime, but he believes he's one of the intelligensia in both areas. When confronted by his personal gun ownership, he replies that he is a responsible gun owner, and the "needed" laws would not affect him.

    Yeah, right!

    How do you show people like this that their beliefs are myths and their politics are bankrupt?
  • Wagon WheelWagon Wheel Member Posts: 633 ✭✭✭✭
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    These Wacko's Just keep coming out of the woodwork!!!

    Handgun surcharge urged for research - The Boston Globe
  • tallcharlietallcharlie Member Posts: 673 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I read the article. It's unbelievable!quote:Gun owners and construction contractors tend to be affluent.Tell that to the 75-year-old retiree living in public housing on her $700 monthly Social Security check when she goes to buy a $100 "Saturday Night Special" to protect herself from gang-bangers. The cops won't venture into the projects after dark; it's too dangerous. So let's tax the crap out of the old lady to pay for the police failures to protect.quote:MacArthur Williams was shot in Roxbury as he changed a tire on his Hyundai so he could go to work the next day. The man who shot him on that September night in 1989 was looking for revenge in a gang dispute, Williams said.What they really need is a surcharge on gang membership. Yeah. Try to collect that!
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