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As I have mentioned before, I am a public servant here in Nevada. A share of my job has to do with fulfilling records requests from members of the public, so today I attended a "Public Records Policy" training class. It was pretty mundane stuff, mostly about fulfilling requests in a timely manner, but a portion was devoted to "confidentiality".

The instructor, a deputy district attorney, posed an example question to us. She asked if we thought that CCW records were confidential information? Here in Nevada, a CCW license (which I have one) consists of name, birthdate, home address, height, weight, photograph, and specific guns which the holder is qualified to carry concealed.

She let us all ponder this question for a few minutes as a group, and most of us decided that that this would be confidential information, therefore not conisdered part of the "public record".


CCW records here in Nevada are all open public records. So any low-life can request information about a CCW holder and know exacty where they live, what they look like, and what firearms they are licensed to carry.

But... the most interesting part, I thought, about this training was that no less than 5 minutes later the instructor went on a rant about the Patriot Act and how invasive it was that the Federal Government could gain access to library records. A librarian in the audience whole-heartedly agreed, yet she didn't say a peep about the CCW issue.

I don't know about all of you, but I haven't checked out a library book in about 14 years.

Just some food for thought...



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    I see she has her priorities in the right order........NOT
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    Possibly because she herself checks out several of those lurid adult novels each week.[;)]
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    Same here in Florida,.......it is all public record, unless you are active LEO, firefighter, military, and a bunch of public official types. We don't have certain weapons that we are qualified to carry though.
    I didn't like it a bit when I read the small print,......but once again, it was tolerate it, or not get my CCW.[}:)]
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    here in KY, a ccdw gives you the right to carry ANY firearm..

    hehe I tuck my AK, it hurts a lil
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    Hitler also wanted to know who owned guns ahead of time......
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