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Sorry to C&P again, but this video is great, and I like to give credit to the source. Thanks JPFO!


America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

May 2, 2007

JPFO ALERT: Jackie Mason on "Gun Control

If you haven't seen this passionate and insightful video
blog by comedian Jackie Mason, watch it NOW:
. In less than
seven minutes, Jackie wipes out the myth of "safety" so
often propagated by gun-prohibitionists, using many of the
arguments as JPFO.

This video is short and powerful -- watch it and send it
to your friends, family, and anyone who claims a world
without guns would be "safer."

In other news, we have an update from Red's Trading Post.
According to a press release issued by Red's:

"US District Judge Edward Lodge has granted Red's Trading
Post an injunction to continue their full operation.
The ATF had maintained that Red's was a threat to public
safety because of the minor violations which included
paperwork errors that amounted to less that one percent.
Red's Trading Post had a 99.6% success rate in their 2005
audit, yet the ATF maintained that Red's had "willfully"
violated their policies."

You can read the full release at www.jpfo.org/redsupdate1.htm
and read more about Red's Trading Post here:
www.jpfo.org/alert20070321.htm and here:
www.jpfo.org/alert20070406.htm . Or visit Red's online at
www.redstradingpost.com .

Congratulations to Red's on this development, and a big
"Thank You!" to Judge Lodge for slapping down the BATFE

- The Liberty Crew


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