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BATFE director

788-308788-308 Member Posts: 179 ✭✭✭
C & P from another forum.

I reckon we all need to contact our elected reps, view of the following.....


Senate Close To Confirming A Ted Kennedy-style Liberal To BATFE
-- Contact your Senator immediately

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"We'll miss him in Massachusetts, but he'll be a strong leader at
ATF, and I look forward to working with him on key issues on gun
control." -- Senator Ted Kennedy

The above quote highlights all you need to know about Michael
Sullivan, the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives.

Sullivan was, unfortunately, nominated by President Bush to
permanently take over ATF this year. Right before Thanksgiving, the
Senate "hotlined" his name for unanimous consent approval.
(Hotlining is a parliamentary maneuver which allows non-controversial
bills or nominations to be unanimously approved by the Senate without
debate or a vote.)

GOA immediately sent a letter to each Senator's office, urging them
to oppose the Sullivan nomination. Thankfully, one senator
subsequently objected to Sullivan's approval, and his nomination was
put on hold. However, that legislator is now coming under fire from
other senators, who are asking him to withdraw his "hold."

That's why it's important for gun owners to contact their two
Senators. Under Sullivan's leadership, the ATF has gone berserk.
Sure, the problems at ATF didn't originate with him, but Sullivan has
certainly done nothing to put out the fire.

While discussing the agency's 2008 appropriations bill, the House
Commerce & Justice committee issued a stinging rebuke for the ATF:

"The committee has heard reports that ATF has pursued license
revocations and denials against firearms dealers based on violations
that consist largely of recordkeeping errors of various types that
are unlikely to impede tracing investigations or prosecution of
individuals who use firearms in crime. The Committee encourages ATF
to consider lesser gradation of sanctions for recordkeeping errors."
[House Committee report on HR 3093.]

The strategy, that was begun long before Sullivan arrived, has
continued unabated under his tutelage. ATF inspectors try to find
any violation they can, usually focusing on clerical mistakes.

A family gun business that had been in operation for years in
Baltimore, Maryland was attacked because of the "wanton, repeated
crime" of abbreviating Baltimore as "Blto" on the teeny,
tiny spaces
on the 4473 forms.

Now, the agency has turned their collective guns on Red's Trading
Post in Idaho, among others. Even though one ATF agent told the
manager that Red's was "one of the best small gun shops" he'd ever
seen, the ATF has continued its assault on this gun shop (which has
been in business for decades) for minor clerical mistakes and failing
to put up a poster.

According to WorldNetDaily, one judge who is familiar with the Red's
Trading Post case found "the ATF speaks of violations found during
the inspections of 2000 and 2005, but fails to reveal that additional
investigations in 2001 and 2007 revealed no violations or problems."
The judge also noted the ATF was exaggerating the situation by
"double counting" some violations.

The agency holds a continuing animus against gun owners and dealers.
Inspectors have no handbook under which to operate, and the absence
of such written procedures allows them to be arbitrary and

Americans don't need an anti-gun cop from Massachusetts as the
Director of the federal gun police.

CONTACT: Please ask your Senators to oppose anti-gunner Michael
Sullivan as the Director of the BATFE. You can use the pre-written
message below and send it as an e-mail by visiting the GOA
Legislative Action Center at
(where phone and fax numbers are also available).
"I've talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States [George W. Bush] called the Constitution 'a g**damned piece of paper.'" - DOUG THOMPSON


  • pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,846 ✭✭✭✭
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    Keep in mind that he was nominated by President Bush to
    permanently take over ATF. [:(!]
  • WoundedWolfWoundedWolf Member Posts: 1,658 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Oh dear, we may see the BATFE harass gun dealers, raid private citizens homes, camp out in front of gun shows to intimidate people...

    Oh wait, all of these things are ALREADY happening!

    As Pickenup said, this is a Bush appointee. So who do we need to get in there to stop this B.S.? Ron Paul maybe?

    I certainly don't see Romney or Giuliani making any different decisions. Huckabee? I don't know much about him, but he comes off like a holy roller. McCain? He hasn't impressed me much in the senate, and he has had plenty of time to do so. Thompson? The poor guy looks like a bloated corpse in the debates, and I still can't say I know what he stands for.

    Who's left?
  • RockatanskyRockatansky Member Posts: 11,175
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    Just another spice adding to the brew. When already?
  • 788-308788-308 Member Posts: 179 ✭✭✭
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    This is not a done deal as of yet.

    Voice your opinion to your senators.

    That will be more effective than doing so on this forum.
  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
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    'Voicing your opinion'.

    Do those of you supporting whomever is currently in power EVER get the message ?
    The message is..Democrats and Republicans are merely two heads of the Beast.
    They argue about which is in power. They do NOT argue about taking away your freedoms..only which one next.

    You cannot beat them by conventional means. While you bleed your life out fighting one small facet of the attack..they use YOUR money to attack you from 20 different directions.
  • nyforesternyforester Member Posts: 2,575 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    blah blah blah........voice your opinion, for what ?

    Its the same old crap and its only getting worse.

    My answer is to buy more ammo !
    Abort Cuomo
  • RockatanskyRockatansky Member Posts: 11,175
    edited November -1
    quote:Originally posted by nyforester

    My answer is to buy more ammo !

    SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH! this is what drove prices up![:D]
  • ljwrenchljwrench Member Posts: 5,053
    edited November -1
    Heard late last week that the Senator's from Idaho blocked his confirmation.
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