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Illinois Gun Owners Under Attack Again

Tech141Tech141 Member Posts: 3,787 ✭✭✭
Sorry if this is a repost, but I didn't have the time to search. Seems the Democraps up in Chicago are trying to stomp on our rights to buy/reload ammo.



  • pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,845 ✭✭✭✭
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    Welcome to the forum.

    The same kind of legislation is being proposed in other states.
    This is an obvious attempt by anti gunners to get the concept proposed in as many states as possible, needing only a single one to pass, to set a precedent.

    This one is for the state of Tennessee.
    Once you open the link, click on "Legislation" on the left, type "HB3245" in the box and press submit. Then click on the bill by either Miller or Tate.

    This one if for the state of Arizona.

    In California,
    On October 13, Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, signed AB1471 into law. As of January 1, 2010, the law will define (and prohibit the sale of) any newly-designed semi-automatic pistol as an "unsafe handgun," unless the pistol is equipped with two or more internal parts that imprint, onto the cartridge case of a fired round of ammunition, a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model and serial number of the pistol.
  • slumlord44slumlord44 Member Posts: 3,702 ✭✭✭
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    Got e-mail on this from Illinois State Rifle Assocition yesterday. Made several calls to state legislators. They have apparently got a lot of negative calls. Did not think it would pass. My comment was where is the state going to get the money to keep records on every bullet sold in the state, IF it was even technicaly possible? The state can't pay it's bills now! Call the legislators and politely voice your opposition. Can't hurt.
  • Tech141Tech141 Member Posts: 3,787 ✭✭✭
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    Illinois Residents - If you are serious about your 2nd Amendment rights, reserve March 11 and tell the Legislature how you feel -
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