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Ron Pauls View of 2nd Amendment

mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
I share our Founders' belief that in a free society each citizen must have the right to keep and bear arms. They ratified the Second Amendment knowing that this right is the guardian of every other right, and they all would be horrified by the proliferation of unconstitutional legislation that prevents law-abiding Americans from exercising this right.

I have always supported the Second Amendment and these are some of the bills I have introduced in the current Congress to help restore respect for it:

H.R. 1096 includes provisions repealing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and the Federal Firearms License Reform Act of 1993, two invasive and unconstitutional bills.
H.R. 1897 would end the ban on carrying a firearm in the National Park System, restoring Americans' ability to protect themselves in potentially hazardous situations.
H.R. 3305 would allow pilots and specially assigned law enforcement personnel to carry firearms in order to protect airline passengers, possibly preventing future 9/11-style attacks.
H.R. 1146 would end our membership in the United Nations, protecting us from their attempts to tax our guns or disarm us entirely.

In the past, I introduced legislation to repeal the so-called "assault weapons" ban before its 2004 sunset, and I will oppose any attempts to reinstate it.

I also recently opposed H.R. 2640, which would allow government-appointed psychiatrists to ban U.S. veterans experiencing even mild forms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome from ever owning a gun.

Ron Paul for President 2008


  • kyplumberkyplumber Member Posts: 11,111
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    the man is a God send, 1 problem our country is satanic and ignorant.

    Ron Paul would have turned this country around, he would have restored the America our grand fathers grand fathers knew....

    I would be honored to have Dr Paul represent me and my family, At the same time I am ashamed and disgusted with my fellow Americans for choosing the current candidates.

    To all of you who support Dr Paul because of his message, you are fine people and I hope to shake all of your hands someday.
  • mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
    edited November -1
    If your state hasn't had their county convention yet, you might
    still be able to be a delegate. There's a few of us here
    doing that.
    I finally got to meet a gunbroker poster last week at a gun show in
    Hastings Ne. He said he hasn't posted in awhile thou. He's for
    Ron Paul too. There's many on here I'd like to meet and shake
    their hands someday. Thankyou for the sentiment. Godwilling
    and the creek don't rise.[;)]
  • mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
    edited November -1
    LaRue County Republican Convention - Hodgenville - LaRue County ...The purpose of the Ron Paul Meetup Topic is to facilitate grassroots campaign organizing. This Meetup topic will provide you with the networking and ...

    Looks like you had to sign up for a delegate at your election commissioners office by March 15th. You might still be able
    to get on as an alternate. Sometimes people don't show up,
    and if your their you can vote.

    you could probably help with a meetup group, type in a city near
    you that's fairly big.
    the name, then ron paul meetup
  • dsmithdsmith Member Posts: 902 ✭✭✭✭
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    I plan on writing in Ron Paul for president. Just to make sure, is that Ron Paul in kyplumber's signature?
  • mousemouse Member Posts: 3,624
    edited November -1
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