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Adam5Adam5 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
Come support and help us take back our carry rights in Georgia!

On January 10th 2008 (Thursday) at 10 a.m. State Representative Timothy Bearden, District 68, will be unveiling the Second Amendment Protection Act of 2008. The unveiling will be at a press conference on the steps to the Georgia State Capitol.

For anyone wondering what it is. The Second Ammenment Protection Act of 2008 is GeorgiaCarry's legislative bill for the next session our legislature. Georgia Carry has been fighting hard to take back our rights that have been taken away and to make county Probate Judges abide by state laws pertaining to the issuance of Georgia Firearms Licenses. This bill is next step.

I'm sorry that I cannot publicly post the actual bill at this time. Some high points include doing away with the "Public Gathering" wording, less places off limits to carry, no "Katrina" confiscation, and laying out enforcable time tables for the issuance of Georgia Firearms Licenses. After the press conference on the 10TH, I will post the bill in its entirety.

We need as many supporters as possible on the steps to state capitol for this event. Let's get together and move GA from being one of the states with the longest list of off limits places to being one of states with the shortest!!


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