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in the great state of chicago....opinoin

thecoltcollectorthecoltcollector Member Posts: 151 ✭✭✭
my friend sent this to me in my email,and i wanted to share with you and get your opinoins about loopholes or no...some of us are ready for a change in the state of chicago...................


  • trapguy2007trapguy2007 Member Posts: 8,959
    edited November -1
    I believe no one is answering due to the fact that Chicago is a city instead of a state .
    After reading the post , I will settle for a couple of bricks on the front seat .
    They would be a lot more "user friendly".
    This is the type of nonsense that only Chicago pols could come up with .
    Would work if mayors security detail was held to same standard .
    No disrespect intended .
    Thank you !
  • thecoltcollectorthecoltcollector Member Posts: 151 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    yes i am aware it is a city, but if you lived here you would know they try to run the whole state from up there......i dont care if anyone replies or not, i got it and decided to put it out and see if any one would put in their 2 cents.........
  • HighballHighball Member Posts: 15,755
    edited November -1
    As an old guy, I have little to live for anymore. Watching freedom drain down the the cesspool, aided and abeted by gun-owners, is heartbreaking for me.

    That being thing I would love to see before I die.

    That would be the act of tarring and feathering the author of such a monstrosity as I just read...and the citizens raising in such wrath over the laws making such neccessary that politician flee for their lives.
  • Old IronsightsOld Ironsights Member Posts: 93 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Until the Emperor, his Heir, His Surrogate in Springfield and the rest of the Daley Machine are dropped into the middle of Lake Michigan, Chicago will continue to run Illanoy.

    Between the Living and the Dead, there are enough votes in CRook County alone to control the State.
  • crash2usafcrash2usaf Member Posts: 4,094
    edited November -1
    Between the Living and the Dead, there are enough votes in CRook County alone to control the State.

    And if that doesn't do it they will fudge the numbers a little more...
  • trapguy2007trapguy2007 Member Posts: 8,959
    edited November -1
    I am with Highball on this one,But tar and feathers is probably not enough to embarrass this bunch (both Dems and Repubs ).
    I have wondered if we sow the seeds of our own destruction in the way we spend our money( I don't want to start on the NRA here even though that is legit).
    I keep my money out of Birmingham for purely political reasons
    And make sure that my suppliers know why.
    Most businesses that fail never know why and will not ask .
    It has been fun watching Hillary and Obama trying to explain why jobs have left Penn., but I would really enjoy one of these a-holes
    having to explain that a town is drying up due to a few idiots trying to run the whole state.
    Here in Alabama we have just had another fool introduce a bill on encoding ammo .
    He is from Birmingham and this gives me one more reason not to take my money to town .
    This may be economic terroism , but I believe it is the only true freedom we have .
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