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A clarification of the armed society

gunphreakgunphreak Member Posts: 1,791 ✭✭✭✭✭
Since I didn't get a chance to chime in before the topic got locked, I'm going to address a specific topic spoke of in a different topic...

quote:(addressed name deleted due to lack of relevance),

I believe you may be confusing "subjection to a government that does not allow its citizens to be armed" with "politeness". The two are totally different. Now, let me give you an example:

England. Disarmed its citizens, and its crime rate is at an all time high.


Rebuttal? Okay. Japan has a long history of civilization and politeness. It has a long, but less long history of limiting armed civilians. Politeness in their society has existed without being armed. You can walk down the Ginza, day or night, and you will be both safe and treated politely.

Japan is also a socialist nation. The people in it are as drones of society and are brought up to be exactly that. Those who stray come up "missing". What do you think is happening to them???

quote:You said: As everyone knows, an armed society is a polite society

Iraqis are heavily armed. They are hardly polite. Would you care to walk through Sadar City at night?

This is a retarded object of comparison. Iraq has foreign invaders in it (namely, us), and are in the midst of war and chaos. This has very little to do with the fact that it is armed.

quote:Afghanis are heavily armed too. Would you dare walk through downtown
Kabul at any time of day?

Afghanistan is a very xenophobic nation, as could be expected by it having to fight the russians for a decade, and now hosts the US while it seeks out refugee terrorists.

If I were an Afghani, I would have absolutely no problem with it, actually.

quote:The citizens of The Sudan are heavily armed. Would you expect to be politely treated there?

The hell they are. The only people in Sudan that are armed at all are the gov't and its agents. Bad comparison.

quote:The citizens of Denmark ar less likely to be armed. Would you be more politely treated there?

Probably would be.... right up until you run into the only element in society that is armed... the criminal.

quote:You said: As everyone knows, an armed society is a polite society.

I find Paris safe and polite, anywhere at all times, day or night. It's citizens are rarely armed.

The French are a bunch of pansies. And make no mistake about it, they have the same types of criminal activities all the rest of the disarmed nations have, even if it is to a lesser extent. Their laws are a lot less hostile to them than, say, the English.

quote:By your theory : As everyone knows, an armed society is a polite society,They should be impolite.

This is mincing of words. Disarmed societies are not the opposite of polite... they are slaves. The are gunfodder. The citizens are fearful. And you can take that to the bank...

quote:But let's look at the USA.

East St. Louis is possibly the most heavily armed city in the USA. Polite? Hardly.

That is not an example of an armed society. By definition, an armed society means that all elements of society are armed, not just the criminal element of society. My trip through E. St. Louis tells me the thugs are heavily armed, and this destroys the balance. Make no mistake about it, though, if everyone else was armed, there would be a whole lot less of that.

quote:San Francisco is lightly armed. Your chances of being attacked/injured/killed there? Less than EStLou. By far.


Better check your facts out again. It's criminal element is a lot more heavily armed than you give credit to.

quote:You said: As everyone knows, an armed society is a polite society

Okay, where's your proof of that? What countries or cities can you name which are heavily armed and "polite", and what countries can you name which are lightly armed, and are less "polite"?

Switzerland is heavily armed. This is the paragon of heavily armed, actually. Its crime rate is very low, despite the fact that all males over 17 years of age have access to a select-fire rifle. Most of the crime perpetrated here is from foreigners who are too stupid to realize who they are dealing with. They have a low life expectancy in Switzerland.
Facts, please, no slogans.

Ok, you got it.

Don't quit your day job, dude...


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