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Ralph Nader & Future Change

nyforesternyforester Member Posts: 2,575 ✭✭✭
My brother went to see Ralph Nader over the weekend. He said the only way change will ever come about is to organize. We will need a group of at least 1000 strong per voting district to assemble, and voice opinions and change. He claims this is a large enough group so the politians will wake up and take note. It does not seem like a lot of people to organize.

He also said the Gov't is turning the screw all the way in on us....the people, just waiting to see how much we can take. He claims some kind of a revolt is emminant if things stay the way they are.

Do you think the Gov't will smash these groups if they begin to sprout up? What do you all think about this ?
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  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    No comment NY ....
  • WoundedWolfWoundedWolf Member Posts: 1,658 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Ralph Nader is correct about organizing... however he believes that the Nanny Government should be the one dictating how we all should live our lives, even going back to the days when he was pushing for government imposed seatbelt safety laws.

    Ralph may have some good ideas, but I think his execution is flawed. I believe in his heart he is a Socialist... and that is certainly not the path we need to follow.

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