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Lithuanian "GGG" .308 ammo?

I have some mystery ammo that I am trying to ID the make and value. It came with a gun trade. I have two 200 round "Battle Packs" encased in green vinyl with a handle on one end. On the label it says... "Ammo 7.62X51or.308, Battle Pack of 200, Full NATO Spec, 146 Grain FMJ, Boxer primed" and has 05/07/08 in the corner. This is all on an adhesive lebel with a bar code. On the back stamped in black ink it says... 200, 7,62 X 51 M80.... 110-GGG-04. I did a google search on 110-GGG-04 and think this is surplus Lithuanian ammo and the reviews rate it pretty well. I don't want to break the seal on the pack if at all possible. Am I correct and what is a 200 round pack worth? Any info would be appreciated. It may go on Gunbroker soon


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