35 winchester in model 1895

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i am going to start reloading the 35 winchester for my 1895 winchester.first question is brass.i can get 35 winchester brass from midway but $2 apiece seems a little high.so i was thinking of 405 brass and kneck and trim it down.2nd is bullet.my diagram calls for a 359 bullet but i was thinking of the 358 hornady round nose.should work?if any one has had experiance with this round or any suggustions let me know. thanks


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    I think your plan will work. I never shot a 95 in 35W. I would consider cast bullets if you plan to shoot a lot. Not often are bigger 35 molds found, try ebay for Lyman-Reloading-Tool-Bullet-Mold-Blocks-Set-358-38-Special-357-Magnum-195-/310365094822
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    You can make 35 winchester brass from 30/40 krage.they will have short necks square with case trimmer ,but work fine or make them from 9.3x74r I have dies to do this but it is a lot of work,the best way is from 405 brass now that is made by Hornaday.I shoot Hor.200 gr.sp 358 bullets with 50 gr.of IMR4895 It is A great cart. I have taken moose, dear & antalope with it, elk will be next.
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    check out the hornady 'lever revolution' .358" bullet, should work well in the '95. I use it in a 9x57 mauser and the .35 rem.
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