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Which would be the best ammo to keep as an investment M72 or M118 ? Both are military match 30-06 and 308 ( i know not the same )and dated 60s and 70s.


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    How much do you have?

    The brass, if marked match is worth 50 cents a piece minimum.
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    My sons and i will never have to buy any. The brass i just throw in a box no need to reload it.The only thing i do is i take some of it and pull the match bullets and put in Nosler 165gr BT for hunting,sons 308 and my 30-06. Just was wondering which is worth the most loaded and in sealed cans,boxes.
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    I shot a 5 gal bucket of pulled 172 bt away. They were 1 cent apiece and the H4831 was fifty cents a pound in a paper sack. primers were $4/1000. Boy was the good old days or what. I don't there will be much differance in price between the ammo you have, but to me the 06 would be worth more. How old is the stuff now?
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    Radar: Just sold quite a bit of both still in sealed boxes. The M118 was the most asked for. People state that it should be about $1 per round, but the best I could do was about $.70 per round.

    Save the cases. I see these advertised for about $.40 each, but I sold several thousand and could only get about $.20-$.25 each.

    Maybe worth more if you wait till after Xmas, I just needed to get rid of mine since it took up so much room. (still kept quite a bit also)

    Best of luck
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