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I have a dealer that will have 10 1 pound cans of SR4759 powder very cheap at the next gun show. I need to know if I can use it in any common rifle or pistol caliber. I looked in Lyman books and can't find a std. cartridge that uses this powder. Try $ 8.00 a can! Thanks, in advance


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    SR4759 is for reduced loads and cast bullet loads. Speer often lists a 4759 load as the last entry on a page. Oddly, it is listed on the shotgun page of the IMR webpage, and I can find no loads listed for it in rifle rounds.
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    Going back to some of the early Lyman and B&M loading booklets, you would find SR 4759 listed for just about any rifle ctg of the day. (even 357 Mag) It is a propellant that is easy to ignite and burns at low presures. In short, you can load it into just about anything short of overbored magnums. Oh ya, it usually came in 8 oz cans. (read the lable)
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    It's suitable for most anything, but won't produce top velocities in anything. What caliber(s) would you use it for?
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    I am loading it now for 30-06 cast bullet loads.
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