30/06 & h4831

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know it's not the best, just trying use up the h4831 i have. anyone use h4831, with a 180 grain bullet, in their 30/06.

looking for data from someone that actually used the combo of 30-06/ h4831, and a 180 grain bullet.

thanks for any input.



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    As you know, H4831 is a bit slow for that use. I loaded 59 gr. of H4831SC (that's about all you can get in the case; even with short-cut) with a 180 gr. Hornady RN and got 2614 fps over my Oehler screens. As a contrast, 57 gr. of IMR4831 with 180 gr. Sierra spitzer clocked 2712 fps from the same rifle.
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    thanks for any replys.

    been using a speer 180 grain bullet, 51.5 grains of ww760 for years with a speed of 2585fps. must use mag primers with this load.

    both me and son have taken plenty of deer without the loss of any deer. most drop in their tracks.

    so a speed of @2600fps-ish is not an issue. most shots way less than 100 yards. accuracy is outstanding.

    noticed 58 grains of h4831 is right at top of case shoulder.

    like i said just looking for data from anyone using h4831 with their 30/06. trying to use up @2+# of h4831.

    thanks for any additional info.

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    I've loaded 59 grains of H4831SC, Win WLR primer and Nosler 180gr Partician or AccuBond for years, works great in all of my pre 64 model 70s. If memory serves, thats pretty close to Jack O'Connors load.
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    The focus of my collection is center fire bolt action sporting rifles. Most factories chamber their rifles in .30/06. So I have acquired quite a few. I now have 35 .30/06's! Since getting my first chronograph in 1987, I have kept detailed records of range results. In addition to the above mentioned rifles, I have range results of 26 other .30/06's that have been brought to me me for various reasons. I have also used H4831 since it first became available as surplus military powder in the 1950's for 50 to 75 cents a lb.-bring your own container. I have used H4831 extensively in .270 and .25/06 and others. Having said all that, I find it curious that I found records of exactly four 5-shot groups fired from ANY .30/06 using H4831! That is the data I mentioned in the earlier post: It was fired last year in a newly acquired Mossberg RM-7. I guess I have another loading project to add to the list.
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    I have also used Hogdons H4831 and H4831SC in 30-06's for several years when bolt action gun likes it for accuracy and deer hunting and have seen several 06's that like around 56g and 180gr bullets and 58.5 gr with 150gr bullets.
    I've seen velocities from 2600 to 2750 area.
    I purchased some of the old military 4831 few years back and could not make it produce the same testing results for accuracy as the Hodgdons H4831. I eventually just used the old military stuff as lawn fertilizer! (probably just a bad batch of military because it also smelled very racid and bad like would burn out nose hairs when doing the sniff test)[:0]

    We load for accuracy, not velocity because we most generally are shooting less than 300 yards and using standard factory tapered barrels on our hunting rifles. You will be pleasantly surprised how much the felt recoil is reduced from most 30-06 rifles when using a 150gr bullet instead of a 180gr bullet and still have 1 inch groups at 100 yards and about 125 to 200fps velocity gain.

    To get 58.5gr of H4831 powder into a 30-06 hull without severe compression of the powder, dump approx 1/2 into the hull and then tap the hull several times on the workbench then dump in the remainder or use a powder funnel with a LONG drop tube and slowly pour the powder into the funnel with the funnel and tube tilted at a angle and the grains will align like stacking firewood and the case will hold more powder for reduced compression.

    If we want more velocity (usually around 2800fps) and maintain good accuracy we test IMR or H4350 powder, but most generally we just use the H4831.
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