44 rimfire

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have someone who says they can reproduce the 1866 44 henry? can it be done?


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    If have seen repo rounds for the 44 Henery Flat. Not worth the effort IMHO.
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    I have read that it is possible to replace the priming compound in a rimfire case. That's the hard part. After that, it would be a normal reloading procedure.
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    First, you'd have to "make" the priming compound. (good luck on that one and expect a visit from home-land security)
    Second, you'd have to devise a method of spinning the case to distribute the priming compound.
    Ya really think it's worth all the trouble ? (or RISK)
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    The way it is done is with a special lathe-turned case that seats a .22 blank off center enough that the blank's rim matches the outside diameter of the .44's rim. The case contains a pinch of blackpowder in addition to the blank's charge.

    Clearly, the case has to be carefully chambered so that the firing pin hits the blank's rim, and is therefore a single-shot proposition; but it is a way to get a .44 Henry shooting again.
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    at least I know this guy might be legit, shooting old ammo may work and may not,I here it about 50-50. only wont to fire it a few time and put it up for another 100 years.thanks for all your input
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    If you were absolutely determined to shoot this thing, perhaps it might make more sense to replace the breach block with one that allows
    the use of centre fire ammo. And go from there?
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