SST Vs. winchester ballistic tip Vs. hornady sst

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ok i am looking for a new round for my .308. wanting to know of these links below which is a better round. looking for consistancy i have had a prob finding a hunting load my sako .308 likes, seems to only like FMJ 150grn so will be using 150grn in one of the two below. Any other suggestions welcome however not looking to BROKE buying factory ammo.





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    The only way you will know is to try each brand/type until you find one that meets your expectations.
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    Which Sako do you have and what is the twist rate in the barrel you're using?

    Any of the cartridges listed should be accurate but that depends on you, your scope and the barrel you're shooting. You also need to pay attention to the rest you're using when shooting the tests. A wobbly bench or flexible truck hood will wreak havoc on groups.

    Increased cost for the discovery of a good load is the price you have to pay for not reloading.

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    nonsense it is

    1:11 or 1:12 .308 L579 -- it would be a "forester" deluxe if it was an imported, being it is not imported gun she is just a L579 deluxe however it has a factory AII bolt (if ay of that info is pert. to your info of rifles)

    not exactly sure of the length i would say just rough quess with out measuring 26". i shoot off a bench w/shooting bag filled with sugar sand. Scope is the one my dad has used on it for Yrs. i will be throwing new glass i got for xmass Leupold vx-1. I will also be laping the rings when mounting. I have also found out from a few other sako collectors that sako's seem to be very picky on bullet seating depth. so i think reloading is deff in my near future.

    well i talked to my old boss yesterday (after making this thread) i will meeting up with him after new Yr. and get a load worked up i can go with to reload my self.

    fig i would throw a pic up for ya nonsense :)


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    All three of those listed are excellent bullets, and in fact are more than you actually need in a .308. I have never needed more than one shot on deer using the plain-jane Hornady 150 Interlock bullet #3031. I consider the Nosler Ballistic Tip to be about the most "exotic" bullet needed for that round. Either one in 150-gr ought to be great in your Sako. I haven't used them, but the new Speer Deep Curl bullet is reported to be a very good design, also.

    As a general rule, cartridges with a muzzle velocity of about 2800 fps do not need bullets more sophisticated than regular cup-and-core design (unless you have to use lead-free ones). Such designs are highly evolved, well-proven and among the least expensive choices available.
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    well yes tech. speaking any of those are WAY more than i will ever need. but i want a round i can stretch the legs on her a bit and still hunt with on down click of my turett.

    and if i cant get descent groups with lead "soft" bullets well of course i will look else were, so i dont waist money throwing worthless bullets down range no better than my shotgun can. Hell my 30/30 shoot better at 100yrds with factory loads than my sako does with "soft" nose bullets. So needless to say i am deff in market to find better load/ or factory load ammo
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    If you want some real range to your rifle and still have a decent hunting bullet, you might try the 175 gr. or 185 gr. Berger Hunting VLD's.
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    Personally. 155gn A-max with 43.8gn of Varget works very well out of my 40X (Pet load for this gun.) Work the ladder! This gun loves 155's
    Above and Below I still get good stuff, but that's my notch it works best.
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    My experience with Winchester silvertip bullets has been less then impressed. This was 115 grain out of a 25-06.
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