Loads for a Rem. XP100

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Anybody have a favorite load for one.


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    You have to specify caliber.
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    I would try IMR4895 and a 52 grain Nosler Competition or Berger Match bullet.
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    Sirra Match King 52gr HPBT over 25.0gr of Benchmark with CCI BR-4's and Nosler brass, .5" at 100 yards, I love to show rifle shooters what a pistol can do with that load, your gun may be different
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    Thanks for the info,but i gave the guy some brass and then to find out it is a 30-223 so he is going to try to form it out of the 223 brass.Is that possible to go to 30 cal. and not split the brass ? Anybody had a loading for that ? I never even heard of a 30-223.
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    Originally it was named the .30 Apache.

    AKA .30 T/CU. (improved shoulder)

    The .30/.223 Ingram is one of the wildcats based on the .223 Rem case. The .30/.223 is the basic case necked up to hold a .30 bullet, and the Ingram has a blown out shoulder like a K Hornet, giving a little extra powder capacity.

    Using the 150 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip with either H110 or VV N-110 you should get to about 1800-1900 FPS by chronograph.

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