REM #97 shotgun primers

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Came into a large supply of Remington #97 primers. Some boxes are white with just #97 and some are Green saying (same size as 209 primers). I read up and can find some old load data saying they fit the same as 209's and that you should use "flake" powder. Measured vs. 209 and the Dia. is the same but height is a little less then Win 209. Tried them in 28 ga. AA hulls (not loaded, primer only) and they seem OK.

Anyone with experience please let me know your results. These will be for sport loads only.



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    I think the end isn't sealed and ball powder could get inside the primer cup and hop it up, causing excessive pressures IIRC.

    They are old. Perhaps they were stored correctly and are still fine. Several years ago I was given 2M of old CCI 209's with unknown storage history. I loaded up some Lyman sabot slugs in AA cases. I had a hangfire. I thought maybe the round didn't feed from the magazine so I cycled the 870. Looking at the burnt and twisted case you would think the shotgun was toast. I used my neck knife to pry out the case remains and cut a willow to pound the stuck slug & wad out. Lots of un burnt BlueDot in the action.

    The 870 was just fine though it did need cleaned of the powder.

    I had never had a hangfire in a shotgun before or since, a few duds over the years. I plan on shooting the rest of those primers but you can bet I'll be paying more attention when I using them up.

    I have pic's of the case remains somewhere.
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