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Has any body tried the Barska 25x125x88 Spotting scope? Would like to use it out to 300yrds.


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    Is it 25 to 125 magnification?

    Can't imagine it is useful for spotting at high power. To me, anything over about 40X gets awful dark and hard to use.

    So, if it is bright enough at 25x to 40x, great, but I don't think you will see bullet holes at 300 yards, unless you are shooting a 12 pounder.
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    I believe that the word barska is used interchangeably with "junk"...I've never OWNED a Barska product, but I've looked through one or 2 of their optics..........I was not impressed
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    Do not waste your money on cheap optics. A low end Burris is twice the product of a top end Barska. Scrimp, save, and wait until you can plunk down the money for decent products.

    I am speaking from DIRECT experience. I needed several scopes money was tight so I tried SWIFT, BARSKA, and others. Please don't waste your money, they were all returned as being junk. The lowest I will go is Burris and then I want the Signature Series but I do have three Fullfields. [:D].
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    It is below the bottom of the barrel.
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    I bought a $10 Barska 10x monocular for my daughter (kindergardener at the time) to play with on a boat cruise.

    It was well worth the money spent.

    On a bright sunny day with no shadows and a shootnsee type target, you MIGHT be able to use it to dial in a rifle at 300 yds.

    They just aren't the quality you would need at that distance. 100 yds? Sure. I keep that monocular in my range bag for just such use. (ever since I drove an hour to the rifle range and left my spotting scope on the kitchen table).

    But at the end of the day, you will be disappointed with it at 300 yds.
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    I'll join in with the others and say that you really do not want to waste your money on a Barska, for not much more money you can have a much better optic, the best for the $200 range is the Redfield Rampage 20-60X60.

    The range that holes can be seen in a target has to do as much with atmospheric conditions as much as it does glass quality, basically once the mirage picks up it doesn't matter what scope your using. My spotting scope is a Swarovski STM-80HD with the 20-60 eyepiece, once in perfect conditions with this scope I was able to make out the staples holding the target to the target board at 1000 yards, that has only happened once as perfect conditions are few and far between. Last week the conditions at the range were so poor that I was unable to make out a 22 cal hole at 100 yards or a 7mm hole at 200 yards.
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    I bought a Barska pistol safe, JUNK!
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    At the lowest magnification, the optics are clear. As soon as you start trying to increase it, they get fuzzy.

    To get an idea of what I mean, I have a 4-15X scope on my Savage 12. Mid quality Nikon, for about $200. Even though it in and of itself is no Leupold or anything, I can see bullet holes at 300 yards with it because the optics are that clear. The Barska? Well, useful out to 100 yards but that's it.

    They are serviceable for that, but beyond that range I'd look elsewhere.
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    For long range, I'm using a MAK telescope with a terrestrial mount and desktop tripod. It's short, though a little heavy, but I've got so much stuff anyway and I can drive almost up to the bench so it's no big deal to bring one more thing.
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    I got a barska spotting scope as a gift. I use it at the range and it does the job but is pretty much junk. It's hard to focus and has "floaters". Depends on your use but i would look for something a little better
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    I have a barska. It is a 20-60x60. It was inexpensive when I needed one. I can see .17 holes at the 100 yd bunker and .270 at 200 yds. We only have a 200 yd range so that's all I can attest to.

    I'd rather have a Zeiss or Swarovski, but I don't know the value of seeing out further or clearer on targets but I could probably see .17 holes at 200, but I don't shoot varmints with the .17 out a that far.

    And I have Zeiss on a couple rifles and even my muzzle loader for nice low light conditions, but I've used those rifles on bigger critters out to 400+

    It won't cost much to try!
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    You don't need to spend 2000-2500 bucks. You can spend around 3-6 hundred and walk a away with a pretty decent spotting scope. The Nikon Prostaff 5 16-48x60 Spotting Scope , Vortex 20-60x60 Diamondback Spotting Scope , Bushnell Elite, Legend and Spacmaster. These scopes are good bang for the buck in my opinion (I know that they are not quality of Leica, Zeiss ect) . I have spent some time with each of these at ranges or ground hog hunting. I currently have a Leupold Sequoia and it is a piece of crap compared to the above. I bought it because it was a Leupold and have kicked myself ever since. I will be upgrading before summer. Also, Spend some real money on a good tripod.
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    Barska anything is junk, I wonder how they stay in business.
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    I got a Barska 60x or 80x I believe it is as a gift. I can see, with a bit of patience, holes from a 308 at 300 yds. Have never had the $$ for a good spotter so not sure what eye relief is like on a good one. Would not buy one on my own though. Not too impressed with it.
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