Federal Top Gun 12 ga load data

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Anyone have any data for these? I've got a lot of these shells and CCI primers that I am hoping to use, but I'll get other primers if needed. Looking to fill in the blanks for the other parts if I keep the 1 1/8 oz #8 shot like the factory.


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    I've reloaded thousands of these. Easy stuff.

    Federal wad (size of load your choice), 209 primer(any type), powder for sport load of your choice (hundreds of choices).

    I've used them for Buckshot, slugs, hunting loads, sport loads.

    Loads like any other plastic Federal case.
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    You really should get a book for reloading data. Proper selection of case, wad, powder, primer, projectile size/type and crimp is important.

    There are on line data places but I don't know how to copy the link to the pdf files that auto load from a google search.
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    I have the Lyman book I think, without going to check. I can't find the exact case in there. Working on getting other books sometime.
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    A new book should help. I ran into issues years back with Win AA's marked HS in 20 gauge. The Alliant pdf from google listed the exact case. I can't figure out how to post the link to the autoloading pdf's from a google search.
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