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W296 in 41 Mag.

Anyone shoot W296 in their 41 mags? I used Blue Dot for years, until the big warning about 2 years ago. Finally got all of the Blue Dot loads shot up. Loaded some test loads,19.8grs W296 under Oregon Trail 215 grain SWC, Win LP primers. The Lee book says 19.1 starting, 20.7 max. This is for bowling pin shoots.
One of the driving forces behind the 296 decision is the fact I have 3 1/2 lbs. of it.


  • Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
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    I don't have a 41- I almost bought one about 40 years ago, but the store took it out of the display case because they figured it would go up in value and wanted to hold on to it. Be that as it may, I use 296 as the primary powder in both 357 and 44 mag, so it would seem that splitting the difference to 41 would also work well. The other powders I've found that worked well were: for the 357 630 and in the 44 2400.

    but I am confused as to whether you have an excess of Blue Dot or Green Dot. If it's the later, Green dot is my go to powder for 16 ga guns, so if it is a problem, I'm sure that August 1 we can come to an agreement on a proper trade.
  • Mk 19Mk 19 Member Posts: 8,170
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    H110 and W296 are the same powder sharing different labels, if your used to using H110 then W296 will be a easy switch. Now in saying that my 41mag prefers as a accuracy load 2400 under a Sierra 210 JHC. I have not yet found a H110/W296 load or a cast bullet that will equal the accuracy out to 200 yards. But that could just be my gun, it is a 14" Contender.
  • charliemeyer007charliemeyer007 Member Posts: 7,289 ✭✭✭
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    I never liked W296 or H110 in my 44's and back in the 70's they were different. These days you take what pistol powder you can find.

    I follow your BlueDot and 296, where did GreenDot come from?

    My old cast bullet book has loads for Herco. That was the powder of choice of the one guy I knew that shot 41 Mag a lot.
  • CapnMidnightCapnMidnight Member Posts: 8,520
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    I fixed my comment about green dot, I was thinking of Irish whiskey.
    Anyway, I shot those test loads, and am very happy with the accuracy.
    Had our bowling pin shoot today, started out well, but ended with several fail to fires. Looked at the primers and noticed light primer strikes, figured my Wilson hammer spring had finally given up the ghost. Got home and examined the ol' Smith closely, found the strain screw backed out about 3/4 turn. Tightened it up, went out and tested it, all is well. I'm back in love with Winchester primers and this 296 load.
  • dcs shootersdcs shooters Member Posts: 10,969
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    Never had a 41, but loaded a bunch of it in 357+44 mags.
    Works good in heavy loads [;)]
    Just stick to load data [^]
  • MG1890MG1890 Member Posts: 4,649
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    My Redhawk 41 has never burned a grain of powder that wasn't H110.
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