How to Do a Kick (Br)* Job of Cleaning Brass

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    Good overall summary of the options.
    I have all 3 methods covered. For the last couple of years I use Stainless steel 99.9% and the sonic .1%.
    If drying time is a consideration before reloading......you need more brass. I like 2 hrs in dryer and let sit overnight. do not tumble nesting caliber together 40S&W with 10MM and 9MM with 380's are OK.
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    Thanks for posting that. I usually wipe/abrasive pad the necks of my rifle brass. As I resize each case, I give it a bore brushing with a lightly lubed brush. If I get on it right away, I can wipe the carbon off the necks while it's still soft. If I've let it stay too long I have to use a fine abrasive pad. Just roll the neck in it few times and it takes the carbon layer off. So far, it the quickest way and I can inspect by feel as well as seeing if there are cracks in the necks.

    I dry tumble pistol brass.
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    I started using a Harbor Freight ultrasonic and Lemi-Shine(used in dishwashers)If the brass is very dirty I use it before sizing.I always use it after sizing because it even gets carbon out of the primer pockets.
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