Winchester 540 MS powder

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I have a usable lb of this powder. I cannot find shotgun data for it in any manual I have. The load data available is for 540 but not the MS, I would like to know the difference and what data to use. It appears that the MS data will be found in Winchester manuals published before 1969.


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    Do a search for "Winchester 540 MS." There is some info there but no loading data.
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    In my opinion, this one pound is not worth playing with because of the formulation. But let your conscience be your guide...[:)]

    A quote from another source:

    "that 540 MS was a double base powder and that some of the nitroglycerin precipitated out and would collect at the bottom of the can after sitting for a time. After some shotgun blow- ups Winchester discontinued 540 MS , reformulated it, and just called it 540. The common cure was to simply shake up the can of 540 MS before using."

    "540MS is used for Magnum loads with extra heavy shot charges, so the MS moniker is for Magnum shot loads. It is about AA#5 between HS5 and HS6."

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    Thanks for the help. I did have a can of 540 and the powder sure looked a lot different than the MS.
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