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Old style Lee Auto Disk Powder Measure Improvement

Smitty500magSmitty500mag Member Posts: 13,603 ✭✭✭✭
If you're still using the old style Lee Auto Disk Powder Measures I found a way to make it easier to remove and install the hoppers in order to change disks without having to use a screw driver.

I took the machine screws for the newer Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure, the short ones for a single disk and the long ones for the double disk, and cut the heads off and then screwed them into the hoppers with some JB Weld. You'll need to file the end of the screw that you cut the head off so it'll screw into the plastic hole on the hopper easier. Leave the other end, the good end, alone so the brass nut will screw on it smoothly.

Now I can use the brass nuts from the Pro Auto Disk on these old hoppers which is a whole lot easier to install than having to use a screw driver to remove and install the screws that holds the hoppers in place.

You can order extra brass nuts and machine screws and other parts on Lee's website by clicking on the "parts" in the left column on the first page and then click into the parts for the Pro Auto Disk for the screws and nuts. All they charge is shipping even though they show a price on the parts. You have to click on the buy button and then check your cart to see the 0.00 price. You'll have to click on the parts for the double disk kit to find the long machine screws.

I ordered 8 brass nuts, 4 of the long machine screws and 4 of the short machine screws and the total was $6.13. You can also order extra hoppers and all they charge is the shipping for those too.

I've got one of the newer Pro Auto Disk Powder Measures but I find that the old one works just as good except it's harder to change disk on which is the reason I changed the way it mounts. I've got a bunch of the old Auto Disk that I leave mounted on the dies but it is nice now to be able to change charges without messing with a screw driver.


Single Disk

Double Disk

Good ole JB Weld. I can't count the things I've repaired with this stuff.
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