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Found a pretty good deal for .223 cases on Amazon

Smitty500magSmitty500mag Member Posts: 13,603 ✭✭✭✭
In case anyone is needing any .223 brass I Found 500 cases for $23.94 plus $7.99 shipping from the Brass Shack on Amazon.

These have not been cleaned. They have to list them as "brass for key rings and zipper fobs" in order to sell it on Amazon these days which is pretty sad. The liberals are taking over.

They have several sellers in this price range on Amazon but I went with one that had more good reviews. I had a not so good experience with one of these sellers in the past which was Big Brass. They had advertised their brass as tumbled clean in one of their ads and it wasn't but they still charged for it and their shipping took a long time so I marked them off the list. They also won't answer E-mails. Luckily Amazon is fast to take care of problems.

This price was cheaper than what, and have listed on their websites, at least for today. Prices change all the time.

The Brass Shack have fast shipping to. I placed my order on Sunday afternoon the 5th of Feb. and it arrived this morning on the 8th of Feb.



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