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Upgraded my RCBS UPM...very nice.

ArbyArby Member Posts: 668
Some time back I was complaining about my PACT going bad and had to revert back to my old RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure. After doing so, it occurred to me that it was much faster than the PACT...once you finally got it set. Duplicating the weights in between different loads was trial and error.

I added a UPM Micrometer Adjustment Screw and was very pleased in the results. It allows you to fine tune weights quickly and provides an easy read when duplicating loads. I now keep a record of powder weight settings for the various calibers and powders that I reload...much easier and less time consuming.

The cost was around 30 bucks and change and was very easy to of all it works very well.

I also picked up a RCBS die lock nut wrench...slick little gadget that replaces the old Crescent wrench...
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