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Loading for a Winchester Mod 94 - 20" barrel.

I will be using a 170 gr. "what cheer" bullet (170 gr. jacketed SP - flat end) without a Cannelure.

What do you recommend for the crimp? Hvy, light? How tight do I need to make the bullet so I assure it doesn't move during loading and use? Will be using RCBS 2 die set, so I don't have a Lee final crimp die for this one.

Also, planning to start with 28.5 grains of IMR3031 (I show 32 max). Any other pet loads? This is for normal "brush shooting" for a friend.


  • geeguygeeguy Member Posts: 1,047
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    First time reloading a 30-30. Used FN 170 gr. non-cannelure bullets.

    Bullets keep sliding back when cycling with the tube magazine (Win 94). Normally use Lee final crimp die for other rifle rounds, but using Lyman dies (FL 2 die set) for this load. 1/3 turn down from brass lip, any more seems to effect the shoulder. Questions:
    1. Do I need to use cannelure bullets?
    2. Am I setting the tapered crimp to tight?
    Recommendations: (if not I'll just buy a final crimp die)
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    Good question. Since the 30-30 brass is so thin, crimping can be iffy, esp. with no cannelure. I am not using taper crimp in this instance due to possibility of lip crushing as I am also using bullets w/o cannelure (180 gr. RN for a hunting load), so have been using the Lee factory crimp die. Seems to work for me. Monitor results with field testing to confirm OAL is not affected while crimp is not excessive, shortening brass life.
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    I have an old set of lyman dies also. I only turn down 1/8-less 1/4 after a TIGHT touch of lip. wondering if the die may be worn??
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    Maybe I'm crimping to hard, I'll try lighter and see if that helps. The die set is quite old but had never been used (old Lyman Black box).
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    Never had issues when using a crimp grove in cast or a cannelure in jacketed.
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    I load .30-30 with cannelure 170 gr. Hornady. Trick when using die set with built in crimp shoulder is to have ALL brass trimmed to exact same overall length. I would think you could use a Lee Factory crimp die for non-cannelure as they say it will crimp that hard into the bullet. I would guess results here would be better IF all brass is trimmed to same overall length before starting down either road...
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    quote:Originally posted by hillbille
    I have an old set of lyman dies also. I only turn down 1/8-less 1/4 after a TIGHT touch of lip. wondering if the die may be worn??

    You would have to wear your shoulder out before the die would wear out but it could be out of spec and too loose.
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    I agree that a consistent case length is really important when crimping tube-mag rounds like the .30-30. I loaded up 20 using the Extreme 170 plated bullet and IMR 3031. One case mouth had a bulged crimp with the Lee Factory Crimp Die... because the case was a tad bit longer than the others. (Lesson learned!)

    The Lee FCD is a great tool for these rounds, and even though it's not as necessary with my bolt action rounds I use them on others like .270, .243, 6.5x55 etc. for ignition consistency.

    Stay safe!
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    The Lee factory crimp die cannot bulge a case neck because of a case length difference issue. The die is activated by the shellholder pushing up on the bottom of the die. This measurement is always the same.This feature is what makes the Lee FCD so popular,case length is not as important as with a roll crimp.
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    It bulged slightly on the neck right below the crimp, but only that one round out of twenty did. I can't figure out any other reason for this to happen on just this one round other than I had the case a bit longer than the others. I guessed that the the FCD held the top of the case in place as it was crimped, and the round was moved upwards just a fraction more by the ram causing the bulge in the neck.

    I certainly may be wrong, but I can't think of what else may have caused such a weird bulge...and not a case-wrinkle below the bullet like I've done to so many other handgun rounds with roll-crimps over the years.

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    cannelure bullets work best, make sure case lengths are correct and set die for crimp correctly, I believe lyman recommends 1/4 turn maximum, too much depth weakens the crimp at the top where it makes the greatest contact.
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