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9mm in 9x23 comp

BHAVINBHAVIN Member Posts: 3,490 ✭✭
I have a Kimber custom 9x23win 9 port comp gun. A buddy of mine was shooting it the other day and asked if I could shoot regular 9mm (9x19) out of it safely. Good question I don't know. 9mm has less pressure and it's 4mm shorter. They both use the same bullets. Is there any reason why it wouldn't work? Thanks.


  • Tailgunner1954Tailgunner1954 Member Posts: 7,815
    edited November -1
    Both cartridges headspace on the case mouth, what is going to prevent the 9x19 round from being 4mm away from the bolt face?
  • temblortemblor Member Posts: 2,153 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    They are not interchangeable. As Tailgunner mentioned, they headspace on the case mouth and the 9x19 is not long enough to headspace safely in your gun. -- Shorter cartridges of the same diameter that have a rim will generally shoot safely in revolvers ( IE: 44mag. & 44 Special / 357 mag. & 38 Special, etc. ) because of the rim, but in semi-autos it is generally not a good idea.....
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