JLK bullets are Back!

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I'm not sure how important this is to most folks but those of us who used Jimmy's bullets were saddened when he announced his retirement from bullet making.

The good news is that the fellow who bought the business is up and running and has some stock to sell. Check out this blurb and then go see his new website.

From 6mmBR.com:


BULLETS--Production of JLK Bullets Resumes:

Jimmy Knox may have retired, but his high-performance bullet designs will once again be available for competitive shooters. The JLK line of projectiles is now produced by Swampworks Inc., which acquired Jimmy's dies and components. Swampworks' Owner, Steve "Swampy" Milholland, tells us: "Yes we are in production currently, though I'm building from a "zero" balance of inventory. In the buyout from Jimmy I didn't get any saleable stock. So far I've made up a small run of the .224 90s and am in the middle of a decent batch of .224 80s. Those are the two most popular bullets. Next in line will be the .308 210 grain and the 6.5 mm 140 grain. I expect I'll be busy the next 2-4 weeks getting these finished and on the shelf. If I have the time after that I'll work some on the less popular bullets. By the time I get the 6.5s done I may be out of the 22s again and will have to start back on them to keep up with demand. I do have a few orders on hand for the 6mm 105s and the 7mm 180s, but I'm going to need several more orders in the stack before I can justify interrupting the flow of the popular sizes to make any of these for a while." So, you JLK fans, better get your orders in, particularly if you need the .22-caliber bullets.


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    I have some 22 cal 75 grain, and some 105 6mm's on order.
    He said the should arrive a no more than a week.
    I guess I'll find out soon enough if they are as good as Jimmie's were....
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    I figure they will be exactly the same since they are coming from the exact same die Jimmy used.

    Boy oh boy,..I am psyched now
    140gr 6.5's, 180gr 7mm's and 210gr 30cals, I can use some of all of those to test. I hope this guy can keep up with production, he really should hire another guy who runs the nightshift while he runs the day shift, that way there would be enough around for all of us and his profit would soon pick up with his entire inventory constantly moving out.[:)]
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    I've never used these bullets but how would you compare them to Bergers. Also, do you have the BC's on the bullets. I'm interested mostly in the .257 cal., but I'm getting a 6.5x55 swede to fill that caliber gap. They do appear to have a pretty long ogive. Thanks
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    They are similar to the Bergers but I put them a notch above if they remain true to Jimmy's output. Here are the few BC's that I have managed to accumulate:

    JLK 168 - .690
    JLK 180 - .738

    30 Cal.
    JLK 175 - .545
    JLK 190 - .602
    JLK 210 - .665
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    As far as Swampy's bullets being as good as Jimmy's because of the same die being used.
    Isn't that kinda like saying you can put to guys in the same race car, and the results will be the same ?????
    Maybe-Maybe not is what I would bet on [:D]
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    these don't get set like loading dies, they are swagging dies for the jackets, and as long as he has all the same equipment, (which I understand he bought it all) then I bet on any changes being so minimal it won't matter. Kinda like saying if one guy runs the shift at sierra and then the next shift comes on, the bullets will be different. As long as he has some modicum of mechanical ability, and Jimmy showed him how to use it all and set it all back up,...I'll be happy to try them out since our choices in premiums have gone down lately. Clinch rivers are almost non-existent, jlk's dissappeared, and the cartaruccios are equally as rare. We are left with only a few choices, and I hope we see some more production lines showing up in the future. The Norma match bullets are said to be coming soon, but availability has yet to be seen, which leaves us with Lapua Scenars and Bergers if we don't want to go the matchking route or a-max. I find the sierras to need meplat trimming, which IMHO makes the cost of berger or lapua worth the extra. YMMV
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    I have to say that even though I'm primarily interested in .257 cal I'm just as interested in 7mm's. The .690 is great! The Bergers fly so well with a .649 it's amazing.

    Last week I loaded up some Sierra 168's and Berger 168's in 7mm with the same powder load. 61.5 gr of VVN160 in front of a Win LR Mag primer. Sure enough the Sierra's dropped more. They departed the muzzle with about 34 fps more than the Bergers. Bergers avg'd 2828 and Sierra's avg'd 2862. Temp was in the 50's F. Sierra's avg'd .8" more drop than the Bergers. Both grouped in the 2"(shooter all over the place) range so the comparison may be reasonably accurate. It would take more than ten rounds each loading though to compare. I would also have to run a test @ 500, 700 and 1000 yds to see if we are really getting a large difference in drop. Or maybe I need to test these with the 7x57 at reduced loads. I would be interested to see when I can get hold of some JLK's and include them in the results here. Thanks
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