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.308 Handgun Loads Update.

7mmbr7mmbr Member Posts: 136 ✭✭✭
I returned from my trip to Texas this past friday and had a so-so hunt. The good part if it was we/I was able to harvest 2 hogs. 1 with my .308 pistol and the other with my wifes 20 gauge. The 308 hog was hit at 168 yds with a 165 grn Nosler Ballistic Tip and went down immediately in its tracks!!! I hit it 2" below the spine on a slightly leaning uphill angle and it left a 3"-4" wide gap in its back!!!!!! The 20 gauge hog was stalked across a wide open field to a ponds edge and shot while returning to water again. Oh, forgot a small tidbit, it was under the cloak of only stars and a 1/4 moon for light and was stalked up to 7 yds!!!!!!!!! I took only 7 steps from point of lead launch to point of IMPRESSIVE landing!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all of the loading info and help

Seen the least, feared the most!!


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