tumble cleaning brass / primed

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Can I tumble clean brass that is already primed? I just got a new tumbler and already have hundreds of rounds primed from before but would love to have that new bullet look if possible. thanks.


  • ammo guyammo guy Member Posts: 755 ✭✭
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    There is no danger in tumbling primed brass, the main problem will be having some of the media get in the priming hole with the primer. This may interfer with proper function when the rd is fired.
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    You might have a few dud primers depending on the cleaning agent used in the media. It might penetrate the protective coating on the priming compound and damage the priming compound or kill it outright. I don't know for sure as I have never tried it myself but anything tht can desolve corrosion on the brass case might also desolve the protective coating on the primer. My guess anyway.
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