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No more long range shooting...

n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
[:(][:(][:(]...there's no place to shoot long range out here!...except for a potential long range hunting shot from ridge to ridge. This is some beautiful country, but I am going to severely miss having a 500 yard range right outside my back door!...with longer ranges available on the same property. It looks like I'm going to be stuck with 100+/-...[:(]


  • JustCJustC Member Posts: 16,057 ✭✭✭
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    you are never "stuck" Eric,..set your target on the opposite ridge,'ll learn a lot about windage[:)]
  • 11b6r11b6r Member Posts: 16,725
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    ECC- where are u? Moved from Colorado (1000 meter range) to Virginia (100 meter range) and was ready to put my scope away. Then I started checking with local cattle and diary farmers that grow their own feed crops. Got a problem with groundhogs, huh? Retired Army long range shooter, will close your gates behind me, not shoot your livestock, etc. Hey, having a 200 acre field of soybeans to shoot over- about as good as it gets. No range fees, no idiot on the next point down trying to bump fire an SKS. Check around.
  • 7.62x397.62x39 Member Posts: 1,994 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Whats wrong with bumb firing your sks...everyone needs a stress valve?[:D][:D][:D]

    The one range I got to only goes to about 125 and the other goes to 500...only a fee on the longer one[:)]
  • sandwarriorsandwarrior Member Posts: 5,453 ✭✭✭
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    I know the frustration. I enjoy our range here in Minnesota with 4 stations at 300 and 6 stations at 200 but it's not like what I had out in Nevada where I could set up a range as far as I wanted to shoot. I must admit though, I didn't shoot much past 500 when I grew up there and only four years after I got out of the Army and got a little more serious about long range shooting. It may take a couple hour drive but well worth it to get out somewhere and set up a range and do your own shooting. -good luck.
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