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Best Precision Rifle Round?

I'm looking to get a new rifle, and want to get a good target rifle (I would like to shoot 200 to 300yds). I would like to get some more info on what caliber and rifle everyone thinks is the best competiton shooting round for this distance.

Thanks in advance.


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    For the distances you speak of most benchrest competition shooters are still using 6mmPPC and 6mm BR. Although, I would personally prefer something with a little more windbucking ability, i.e. the 6.5x55 Swede. But I haven't won many benchrest competitions either.

    In a short while you will get of couple of people on here who do compete in that arena and will give some great advice as to where to start and what to start with. As with a lot of things it depends on how much you want to start throwing into this. If you have been shooting a while and have tried your hand with a good varmint grade rifle and done well out to 300 yds. I would then suggest a custom rifle in the caliber of your choice that fits your wants. If not then I would suggest starting with a varmint grade rifle of good quality and starting there.

    Once you decide you have the bug, like precision reloading, and have a real knack for shooting at those ranges as suggested above move to a custom. -good luck

    EDIT: 10-18-06 1745 CDT


    That is about as good as a kid can get in one candy store! Thanks for the post.
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    Welcome to the GB Forums!

    It can depend on what type or style of competition shooting you want to get involved in.

    Point blank benchrest shooting (100, 200, 300 yards) is being dominated by the 6PPC with some folks shooting the 22PPC or the 6BR and some other minor variations. This is categorized as 'group shooting' in which it is the smallest group and aggregate that wins the match. There is a ton of reloading data as well as performance records available on any number of competition websites.

    Hunter benchrest is vacillating between the 6PPC and the 30BR for the most part but as it is a newer game there is still some experimenting going on from the benches. HB is 'score shooting' where you add up the ring count and the number of "X's" per target.

    Those two are the biggest and most common but there are other games being created yearly to test the skills of shooters and entice new shooters to the line. Try looking over on for more of the competition side along with some of their technical support information.

    Before plunking down a bunch of hard-earned cash on a new custom rifle, you can see if Bob White has one that is pre-owned for a lot less money to get started. Use the button at the bottom of the opening page to select "The List". Be prepared, it's a big list and can take a while to load if your computer is a little slow.

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    I am seeing a TON of 30br's at the varmint class matches (score matches). The larger hole gives a better chance of clipping the next ring up or the "x" and gaining more points. Some of the guys have tried them at 600yds, but have relayed that it is really too meager for that application. I am planning on a 6br or 6dasher soon for the 600yd work.

    I would look into the 6br or 6 dasher, or one of the more commercial loadings available, such as the 6.5x55, 243, 308, etc if you are going to be informal target shooting.
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    Suped up 243

    A lot of guys are getting good results all the way out to 1K with a 243 pushed hard.

    1:7 twist barrel and a 115 DTAC bullet pushed to 3000FPS to 3100FPS
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