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Played With My New RCBS Toy All Night Long!

Happened to me again last night - wasn't really (well,
maybe just a little bit[;)]) on purpose. Told the wife,
"Quite by accident, honey!" ... but it was worth it![:D]

Was sitting around here reading the instruction manual
for our RCBS progressive and figured that I could
probably knock out just the instillation in an hour or two
- which I did - and then go to bed. Of course, by then I
'just had' to run off a few 'test runs' - did the obligatory
adjustments and made the obligatory mistakes - finally,
got the little 'munitions factory' up and humming along at
the advertised 650/hr. rate of production and by the time
I had set up and made a .44 Mag. dies plate and run that
one, too, it was about 5:30AM.

... mumbling something about "being too old for this kind of
all night stuff anymore" I finally got to bed for an hour's worth
of shuteye.

Alarm went off at 6:30AM - fixed the wife's breakfast and got
her off to school - I'm such a good little house husband -
and now I'm waiting for the range to open at 10!

Someone in 'General Discussion' had said something to the effect
that I'd probably do well to stick to my old Dillion ... nope, that
just ain't so - not by a long shot!! ... and yes, it does out perform
the Dillion - the primer strips and swapable pre-adjusted dies
plates make it a whole lot faster!

Somebody told me that the guy who designed it for RCBS used to
work at the Dillion plant and was pretty specific as to what he was
going to improve on his new model (for RCBS). Don't know if it's
true, or not, but the advertised rate/hr. is definately true![:D]

I picked up three plates and am going back for about five more

However, I think today I have a monumental clean up job scheduled
for our 'little bench!'[:0]



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